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Poisoning tetraetilsvinetsy


Poisonings with tetraethyllead — the disorders of health connected with excess receipt of compounds of lead in an organism.

Poisoning symptoms tetraetilsvinetsy:

Symptoms of acute poisoning come not at once, and after the eclipse period lasting from 4 to 12 days. In the beginning there are a headache, sweetish smack in an oral cavity, hypersalivation, a stomach ache, nausea, vomiting. Later there is a strong hyperphrenia, a vision disorder, spasms, hallucinations, bradycardia, hypotension. Death is caused by an apnoea. Sleeplessness, memory disturbance, auditory hallucinations, fall of temperature of a body, disturbance of a heart rhythm, pallor of skin, gradually coming weakness, a depression are characteristic of slower course of poisoning.
Recently the number of poisonings with tetraethyllead increased; often it is confused to alcohol or poisoning comes in usage time of gasoline.

Poisoning reasons tetraetilsvinetsy:

Tetraethyllead colourless oily liquid with a slight specific smell, an anti-detonator of motor fuels, is a part of ethyl liquid (0,4 — 0,6% for cars, 1,0 — 1,5% for airplanes). It very much toxic. The lethal dose is definitely not established, but the lethal outcome after hit in an organism of several milliliters of substance is possible. Poisoning can come by steam inhalation or after penetration of tetraethyllead through skin. Tetraethyllead is quickly dissolved in fats and therefore in an organism it is postponed, first of all, in lipids (fatty tissues) and nervous tissue.

Treatment of Poisoning tetraetilsvinetsy:

First aid — apply absorbent carbon, provoke vomiting, give purgatives. It is necessary to wash out carefully affected areas of skin, to take off the damaged clothes, to hold the events aimed at providing the main vital signs of an organism as soon as possible to bring the victim to medical medical institution for specialized treatment.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Poisoning tetraetilsvinetsy:

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