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Aneurism of vessels of a brain


Aneurism of vessels of a brain (differently called by intracranial aneurism) is small education on a brain blood vessel which quickly increases in sizes and is filled with blood. The convex site aneurismsof Aneurism of vessels of head mozgamozht to put pressure upon a nerve or upon surrounding tissues of a brain, however special danger is constituted by a rupture of aneurism as a result of which blood gets to surrounding tissues of a brain (it is called hemorrhage).
Some types of aneurisms, especially aneurisms of very small sizes, do not lead to hemorrhage or other complications. Aneurism of vessels of a brain can arise in any area of a brain, but, as a rule, is in the place of an otkhozhdeniye of branches from an artery, between the lower surface of a brain and a base of skull.

Механизм разрыва аневризмы сосудов головного мозга

Mechanism of a rupture of aneurism of vessels of a brain

Symptoms of Aneurism of vessels of a brain:

Often aneurisms of vessels of a brain proceed asymptomatically while they do not reach the big sizes or there is no gap. The small aneurism which is not changing in sizes, as a rule, has no symptoms while the big, constantly growing aneurisms, can put pressure upon fabrics and nerves.

Symptoms of aneurism of vessels of a brain are: pains in eyes, numbness, weakness or paralysis of one side of a face, mydriatic pupils and turbid sight.

At a rupture of aneurism of vessels of a brain of people can feel sudden and very severe headache, doubling in eyes, nausea, vomiting, rigidity of a nape, also the loss of consciousness is possible. People usually describe this state as "the worst headache in the life" which, as a rule, differs in sharpness and intensity. In some cases before a rupture of aneurism the patient has "alarm" or warning headaches which proceed within several days or even weeks to an attack.

Other symptoms of a rupture of brain aneurism include: the nausea and vomiting which are followed by a severe headache, the lowered eyelid, light sensitivity, changes in a mental state or level of uneasiness. Some patients have spasms. Also the loss of consciousness, and in rare instances - a coma is possible.

Reasons of Aneurism of vessels of a brain:

Aneurism of vessels of a brain can be caused by inborn pathology of walls of blood vessels. Also intracranial aneurism occurs at people with some genetic disorders, such as: diseases of connecting fabric, a polycystosis of kidneys, certain disturbances of blood circulation, for example, arteriovenous inborn defect (the pathological textures of arteries and veins of a brain breaking blood circulation).

Among other origins of aneurism of vessels of a brain it is necessary to mention an injury or wound of the head, high blood pressure, infections, a tumor, atherosclerosis (the disease of vessels which is followed by adjournment of cholesterol on walls of vessels) and other diseases of vascular system, and also: smoking and use of drugs. Some researchers believe that reception of oral contraceptives can increase risk of development of aneurism.

The aneurism arising owing to an infection is called the infected (mycotic) aneurism. The aneurisms accompanying cancer diseases often contact primary or metastatic tumors of the head and neck. The use of drugs, in particular the frequent use of cocaine, can lead to defeat of blood vessels and lead to development of aneurism of a brain.

Treatment of Aneurism of vessels of a brain:

Not in all cases there is a rupture of aneurism. Constant observation of dynamics of growth of aneurism and development of additional symptoms  in time to start intensive complex treatment is recommended to patients with aneurism of the small sizes. Each case of aneurism is unique. Influence the choice of an optimum method of treatment of aneurism: type, the size and location of aneurism, probability of its gap, age of the person, his state of health, a case history, heredity, and also the risk interfaced to treatment.

There are two types of surgical treatment of aneurisms of vessels of a brain: cliping of aneurism and occlusion. These operations belong to the category of the most difficult and risky operations (damage of other blood vessels is possible, repeated aneurism can be formed, there is also a risk of a postoperative attack).

Endovaskulyany embolization is an operation alternative. This procedure is carried out more than once during human life.

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