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Aneurism is an expansion of the site of an artery which is followed by thinning of a wall of a blood vessel and the increased risk of a rupture of an artery with development of dangerous bleeding.

Виды аневризмы сосудов

Types of aneurism of vessels

Aneurism symptoms:

Clinical manifestations depend on many factors: sizes, arrangement and so forth. Very often it a long time exists imperceptibly for the patient, without any signs. From complications prelums of fabrics and bodies, gaps and stratifications of aneurism and the subsequent bleedings are characteristic. In diagnosis big help is given by an angiography.

Aneurism reasons:

Aneurism happens inborn (that is was available already at the birth) and acquired (that is appeared during life). The reason of emergence of inborn aneurism is an anomaly of development of vessels. Are the most frequent reasons of the acquired aneurism of vessels: atherosclerosis, injuries, infectious diseases (for example, syphilis).

Aneurism of heart is a protrusion of a wall of heart which, as a rule, develops as a result of a myocardial infarction

Treatment of Aneurism:

The most important stage in treatment of aneurisms is prevention of a gap, i.e. treatment of yet not become torn aneurism. At the become torn aneurisms treatment is directed to prevention of repeated gaps, as a rule, not compatible to life.

Traditionally aneurisms were treated in the neurosurgical way - cliping. However recently more and more patients undergo low-traumatic "endovascular" treatment. Modern researches showed that endovascular treatment - so-called embolization of aneurisms - allows to achieve the best results at certain categories of the patients suffering from aneurisms.

Endovascular embolization of aneurism is minimum invasive procedure when which carrying out the surgeon has an opportunity of access to an operation zone through a vascular bed without implementation of opening of a skull, as at traditional neurosurgical operations. In this case the doctor uses a special technique which allows in real time by means of X-ray to visualize vascular system of the patient and to execute an operative measure through a gleam of a vascular bed (artery). Embolization consists in maintaining in a femoral artery on a leg of the patient of a special catheter (a thin tubule with a diameter no more than 2 mm), carrying out a catheter on arteries in brain vessels to aneurism.

Then on a catheter thin platinum thread - "spiral" which fills aneurism is entered into a cavity of aneurism, blocks in it a blood stream and thus reduces risk of primary or repeated gap.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Aneurism:

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    Antiagreganta. Antigipoksanta and antioxidants. Vasoprotectives, proofreaders of microcirculation.

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