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Increase in absolute maintenance of leukocytes in peripheral blood.

Leukocytosis symptoms:

Neutrophylic leukocytosis. Various mechanisms are the cornerstone of a neutrophylic leukocytosis. More often it is caused by increase in products and (or) an exit of leukocytes from marrow in blood. At the same time increase in absolute quantity of leukocytes in a vascular bed (an absolute, or true, neutrophylic leukocytosis) is noted. At a number of states, despite increase in quantity of neutrophils in 1 мкл blood, their absolute contents in a vascular bed is invariable.

The eosinophilic leukocytosis is caused by acceleration of products and (or) an exit of eosinophils from marrow in blood. Allergic reactions of immediate type, in particular on medicines and vaccines are the frequent reason of an eosinophilic leukocytosis.

The basphilic leukocytosis caused by increase in products of basophiles — rather rare hematologic sign. Increase in quantity of basophiles in blood can be observed at a myxedema, nonspecific ulcer colitis, allergic reactions, at pregnancy.

The lymphocytic leukocytosis (lymphocytosis) meets at some acute (whooping cough, a viral hepatitis) and persistent infections (tuberculosis, syphilis, a brucellosis), at an infectious mononucleosis. The infectious lymphocytosis proceeds with the expressed increase in quantity of lymphocytes in blood, its mechanisms are finally not found out.

The monocytic leukocytosis (monocytosis) meets seldom. It is observed at bacterial infections (for example, at tuberculosis, a brucellosis, a subacute septic endocarditis), and also at the diseases caused by rickettsiae and protozoa (at malaria, a typhus, a leushmaniosis), at malignant new growths (ovarian cancer, a mammary gland, etc.), a sarcoidosis, diffusion diseases of connecting fabric.

Leukocytosis reasons:

The physiological leukocytosis is observed after food, muscular work, etc.

The pathological symptomatic leukocytosis develops at pyoinflammatory processes, a number of infectious diseases under the influence of specific contagiums or as a result of reaction of marrow to the disintegration of fabrics caused by toxic influences or a circulatory disturbance (for example, at a myocardial infarction).

The short-term leukocytosis can result from "emission" of leukocytes in blood from marrow or other fabrics (for example, at a stress). In all these cases the leukocytosis has reactive character and disappears together with the reason which caused it. The leukocytosis can be connected with tumoral growth of the hemopoietic fabric (at a leukosis).

The leukocytosis is observed at croupous pneumonia, various septic diseases, sypny and a typhinia, scarlet fever, diphtheria, etc. Sometimes the quantity of leukocytes increases several times, for example, at a lung fever reaches to 20 000-30 000 and more in 1 mm3.

Treatment of the Leukocytosis:

Carry out treatment of a basic disease.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Leukocytosis:

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