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The heliosis is a state which arises when the organism cannot control body temperature. It occurs when the organism is affected by excess amount of heat. Though symptoms same as at thermal blow, the heliosis is more serious state, and often is considered as a life-threatening state.

Heliosis reasons:

The body of the person regulates fluctuations of temperature by regulation of giving of heat. Sometimes, when the organism is affected by excess amount of heat, cooling of a body is not effective. Thus, influence of excess temperature, solar heat is the most essential reason of a heliosis. Secondly, dehydration even more strengthens a heliosis. Dehydration is a state which results from loss of liquid because of an excess urination or sweat. If the person does not receive enough water, the body "absorbs" water from a blood-groove. It influences functioning of the heatregulating system, and also heart. It is necessary to remember that even stay under the scorching sun is simple for a long time, without enough drinking water can also lead to a heliosis.

Treatment of a heliosis:

Fall of temperature of a body is a basis of treatment of a heliosis. The patient ask to take a bath with cool water or lay over the moistened cool towels to lower temperature. For this purpose also use packages of ice. Replenishment of a reserve of liquid in an organism and correction of electrolytes are important in treatment of dehydration. In case of heavy dehydration there can be necessary intravenous infusions of solutions.
The heliosis can be avoided, following simple preventive measures. First, you have to avoid excessive heating. Secondly, it is very important to drink a lot of water through regular periods in summertime (even when you do not thirst) to support the normal volume of liquid in an organism. At last, it is necessary to wear the clothes suitable for summer, and also to avoid excess exercise stresses during a heat to prevent a heliosis.

Первая помощь при солнечном и тепловом ударе

First aid at solar and heatstroke

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