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Ril's melanosis


Rilya melanosis (G. Riehl, Xing.: a melanosis of wartime, Rilya a melanotichesky syndrome) - the melanoderma which is characterized by the mesh hyperpegmentation of brownish-gray color which is followed by a small follicular hyperkeratosis and an atrophy of epidermis on open sites of skin; it is presumably caused by toxic influence of hydrocarbons and (or) hypersensitivity by a sunlight.

Reasons of a melanosis of Ril:

The main reasons leading to development of a disease are: a lack or total absence of an organism of the most important vitamins, impact of toxic character on an organism at contact with harmful chemicals. Earlier there was a point of view according to which the disease develops only in areas where there are military operations, in connection with defective food of the population. As there was later, it not so. Pathology meets the same frequency also in peace time. It was established later that for development of a disease sometimes there is enough engagement to such substances as kerosene, tar, various lubricating oils, long stay under open sunshine.

Symptoms of a melanosis of Ril:

Skin of the patient becomes covered by spots which contain excess quantities of a skin pigment of melanin and have dark brown coloring. They gradually increase in sizes, merge among themselves, on their surface cystous expansions of hypodermic capillaries in the form of small knots, a peeling appear. Skin in these parts considerably is thickened, becomes more rough, there is strengthening of its drawing. A number of the diseased has also general displays of a disease which are shown in the form of disturbance of overall health. Headaches begin to disturb, the patient grows thin, constantly has feeling of weakness. There are also signs of defeat of integuments as a result of insufficient receipt in an organism of the major vitamin substances. Most often the defeat centers at this disease are located in a face, on the side surfaces of a neck, on the patient's body. At a severe form of a course of a disease on skin small pustules, sites of its considerable thickening appear. This kind of pathology was described in due time by other researchers and on their surnames is called Gabermanna-Hoffman's disease.

Treatment of a melanosis of Ril:

The main direction of therapy of a melanosis of Ril is purpose of vitamin drugs, especially vitamins of group B (B12, B1, B6), C and means, улучшающиех processes of a metabolism. An important point is direct topical treatment of the centers of defeat for the purpose of what various ointments of protective action are applied. Much attention should be paid to a food allowance of the patient, it has to be the most various, include irreplaceable nutrients, minerals and vitamins in the structure. It is necessary to protect completely the patient from contact with harmful chemicals, especially with hydrocarbons, with direct sunshine.

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