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Hypovitaminosis (from hypo (Greek ὑπο — under, below) and vitamins), the disease state arising at disturbance of compliance between an expenditure of vitamins and receipt them in an organism; the same that vitamin deficiency.

Hypovitaminosis symptoms:

Hypovitaminosis is various in the manifestations: it depends on a vitamin deficiency of some certain group. However, often a hypovitaminosis can last for years, especially without giving itself, but doing to health harm. General background of a hypovitaminosis: constant fatigue, irritability, drowsiness, loss of appetite, sleep disorder. Emergence of sores on lips, bleeding of gums is possible, skin peelings - all this can arise not only in the period of spring avitaminosis, but also all the year round.

More serious effects of a hypovitaminosis: frequent catarrhal diseases, delay of growth of bones, development of a night blindness - a lack of vitamin A; exacerbations of radiculitis, rheumatism, cardiovascular diseases, disturbance of activity of a nervous system, development of an anemia, skin inflammations, the slowed-down growth at children, nausea, conjunctivitis, early canities, diseases of a pancreas and a liver - all this group B vitamin deficiency signs. The lack of vitamin C leads to heart troubles, destruction of teeth, decrease in immunity. The hypovitaminosis caused by reduced contents in an organism of other useful elements can result in not less dangerous results: disturbance of digestion, bleeding, baldness, disturbances in work of a thyroid gland, bystry aging, risk of development of cancer diseases.

Hypovitaminosis reasons:

Insufficient intake of vitamins B an organism or their raised expenditure.
The most frequent origins of a vitamin deficiency:

    * digestion process therefore the arriving food is acquired not completely is broken, and useful substances are removed from an organism;
    * lack of vitamins B to food or their insignificant contents. It happens at observance of rigid diets, the improper or uniform feeding: for example, spring avitaminosis is a consequence of the scanty diet of the winter period which is grown poor by vitamins;
    * a hypovitaminosis can arise because of effects of "antivitamins" at treatment of a number of diseases;
    * disbolism and decrease in protective forces of an organism.

Treatment of the Hypovitaminosis:

Completion of the getting vitamin.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hypovitaminosis:

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