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Osteofolliculitis - the small pustule striking only mouths of grease and hair follicles.

Osteofolliculitis symptoms:

At first the speck is formed, then there is a semi-spherical yellow pustule, in 2-3 days a crust, a red spot which then disappears completely. In the center the pustule is penetrated by a hair.
More often happens on skin in a beard, moustaches, on the head. Usually this secondary disease which is followed by neurodermatitis, a mange, a pediculosis. In a chin happens at the wrong shaving.

Osteofolliculitis reasons:

The disease can be a consequence of a zashlakovannost of an organism, decrease in the immune status, and also is caused by activity of stafilokokk.

Treatment of the Osteofolliculitis:

Outwardly greasing by solution of aniline dyes. Around to wipe skin with spirit solutions, not in which case it is impossible to squeeze out since the folliculitis can develop.

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