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Alpha tocopherol acetate масл. solution of 10%, фл. 50 ml. No. 1 (in a pack)

Препарат Альфа-токоферола ацетат  масл. р-р 10%, фл. 50 мл. №1 (в пачке). ОАО "Марбиофарм" Россия

General characteristics. Structure:

Active agent: Vitamin E (a - Tocopherol acetate) – 50 g, 100 g and 300 g; Excipients – sunflower oil (the sunflower oil refined deodorized) – to 1 l.

Pharmacological properties:

Vitamin E is natural antioxidant. Protects cellular membranes of body tissues from oxidizing changes; stimulates synthesis gem and gemsoderzhashchy enzymes – hemoglobin, a myoglobin, tsitokhrom, a catalase, peroxidase. Slows down oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and selenium. Inhibits cholesterol synthesis. Prevents hemolysis of erythrocytes, increase in permeability and fragility of capillaries, dysfunction of seed tubules and testicles, placentae, normalizes reproductive function; interferes with development of atherosclerosis, degenerative and dystrophic changes in a cardiac muscle and skeletal muscles.

Indications to use:

Hypovitaminosis E; complex therapy of the states which are followed by the increased need of an organism for vitamin E: at muscular dystrophies, dermatomycoses, an amyotrophic side sclerosis, asthenic and neurotic syndromes, overfatigue, paresis, myasthenias, myopathies, at disturbances of a menstrual cycle, threat of abortion, a climax, dysfunction of gonads at men and women; at a dermatosis, psoriasis; at an atrophy mucous respiratory tracts, periodontosis; at rheumatic diseases: fibrosites, tendopatiya, diseases of joints and backbone; at endocrine diseases: a thyrotoxicosis, a diabetes mellitus, especially at ketoacidosis, diabetic polineyropatiya; at a sprue, chronic diseases of a liver; at a myocardial dystrophy, spasms of peripheral vessels. In a condition of reconvalescence after the diseases proceeding with a feverish syndrome.

Route of administration and doses:

For intake drug is appointed in the following doses: At diseases of nervnomyshechny system (a myodystrophy, an amyotrophic side sclerosis and so forth) on 50-100 mg a day (50-100 drops of 5% of solution, 25-30 drops of 10% of solution or 7-15 drops of 30% of solution) within 1-2 months. Repeated courses in 2-3 months. To men at disturbances of a spermatogenesis and potentiality on 100-300 mg a day (100-300 drops of 5% of solution, 50-150 drops of 10% of solution or 15-46 drops of 30% of solution) in combination with hormonal therapy within a month. At the menacing abortion on 100-150 mg a day (100-150 drops of 5% of solution, till 50-75 drops of 10% of solution or 15-23 drops of 30% of solution). At usual abortion and deterioration in pre-natal fetation on 100-150 mg a day (100-150 drops of 5% of solution, 50-75 drops of 10% of solution or 15-23 drops of 30% of solution) in the first 2-3 months of pregnancy daily or every other day. At diseases of peripheral vessels, a myocardial dystrophy, atherosclerosis on 100 mg a day (100 drops of 5% of solution, 50 drops of 10% of solution or 15 drops of 30% of solution) in combination with vitamin A. Duration of a course of 20-40 days, in 3-6 months it is possible to repeat a course of treatment. At diseases of skin from 15 to 100 mg a day (15-100 drops of 5% of solution, 7-50 drops of 10% of solution or 2-5 drops of 30% of solution) within 20-40 days. 1 drop from an eyedropper contains: a - Acetate tocopherol in 5% solution – 1 mg, in 10% solution – 2 mg; in 30% solution – 6,5 mg.

Features of use:

It must be kept in mind that at newborns with low body weight developing of hypovitaminosis E in connection with low-permeability of a placenta is possible (blood of a fruit contains only 20-30% of vitamin E of its concentration in mother's blood). The diet with the increased content of selenium and sulfur-containing amino acids reduces the need for vitamin E.

Side effects:

Allergic reactions. Use of high doses of drug can cause dispepsichesky frustration, decrease in working capacity, weakness, thrombophlebitises, a thrombembolia of pulmonary arteries, fibrinferments, increase in activity of a creatine kinase, a creatinuria, a hypercholesterolemia, growth of white hair on sites of an alopecia at a bubbly epidermolysis.

Interaction with other medicines:

Strengthens effect of glucocorticosteroid drugs, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, antioxidants. Increases efficiency and reduces toxicity of vitamins A, D, cardiac glycosides. Purpose of vitamin E in high doses can cause deficit of vitamin A in an organism. Increases efficiency of antiepileptic medicines at patients with epilepsy (at which the content in blood of products of peroxide oxidation of lipids is increased). Simultaneous use of vitamin E in a dose more than 400 PIECES/days with anticoagulants (derivatives of coumarin and an indandion) increases risk of development of a prothrombinopenia and bleedings. Colestyraminum, колестипол, mineral oils reduce absorption. High doses of iron strengthen oxidizing processes in an organism that increases the need for vitamin E.


The increased individual sensitivity to drug. With care: a prothrombinopenia (against the background of deficit of vitamin K – can strengthen more than 400 ME at a vitamin E dose), heavy atherosclerosis of coronary arteries, a myocardial infarction, the increased risk of development of thromboembolisms.


Symptoms: at reception during the long period in doses of 400-800 PIECES/days (1 mg = 1,21 ME) – an illegibility of visual perception, dizziness, a headache, nausea, extraordinary fatigue, diarrhea, a gastralgia, an adynamy, at reception more than 800 PIECES/days during the long period – increase in risk of development of bleedings in patients with a hypovitaminosis To, disturbance of metabolism of thyroid hormones, disorders of sexual function, thrombophlebitis, a thrombembolia, necrotic colitis, sepsis, a hepatomegalia, a hyperbilirubinemia, a renal failure, hemorrhage in a mesh cover of an eye, a hemorrhagic stroke, ascites. Treatment: symptomatic, drug withdrawal, purpose of glucocorticosteroid drugs

Storage conditions:

In protected from light and the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature not above 25 °C.

Issue conditions:

Without recipe


Solution for intake of [oil] 5%, 10%, 30%. On 25 ml in a bottle dropper, on 50 ml in a bottle. The bottle together with the application instruction is placed in a pack from a cardboard.

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