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Side amyotrophic sclerosis


The Side Amyotrophic Sclerosis (SAS) which is called sometimes Lu Gehrig's disease is quickly progressing, permanently fatal neurologic disease.

Reasons of the Side amyotrophic sclerosis:

The disease  affects nervous cells (neurons) answering for any muscular dvizheniya.dobrovolny muscles. At this disease upper and lower motor neyronypogibat therefore giving of impulses to muscles stops. The muscles which ceased to function gradually weaken and atrophy. Eventually, ability of a brain to initiate and control autokinesias is lost.  The exact reason the BASS is not studied.

Symptoms of the Side amyotrophic sclerosis:

Symptoms, as a rule, first of all arise in hands and legs, then swallowing is broken. Muscular weakness and an atrophy are observed on both sides of a body. People with a side amyotrophic sclerosis lose an animal force and ability to the movement of hands and legs, it is difficult to them to hold a body in vertical position. When functioning of muscles of a diaphragm and a thorax is broken, patients lose ability to breathe without respiratory support. The disease does not influence ability of the person to see, hear, feel taste and a smell, also touch is not broken.  Though the disease usually is not followed by disturbance of mentality of the person, some researches show that at patients about the BASS cognitive problems can develop.

МРТ-снимок головного мозга пациентки с БАС

MRT-picture of a brain of the patient about the BASS

Treatment of the Side amyotrophic sclerosis:

Effective treatment for the BASS it is not found yet. However, drug рилузол - the only drug capable to prolong life to a napatsiyent for 2-3 months, however and he does not remove symptoms. Other methods of treatment are directed to relief of symptoms and improvement of quality of life of people about the BASS. To help people with spastic pains use the anesthetizing drugs, also attacks of panic and a depression will respond to treatment. The physical therapy, work therapy and rehabilitation can help to prevent progressing of muscular weakness and an atrophy. Patients about the BASS finally need carrying out artificial ventilation of the lungs.


Regardless of in what part of a body the first symptoms of a disease are observed, when progressing a disease muscular weakness and an atrophy extend to other areas. Patients have serious problems with  the movement, swallowing and the speech. Eventually patients about the BASS cease  to stand or go, service themselves independently.  At later stages of a disease, patients experience difficulties with breath as muscles of respiratory system weakens. Though artificial ventilation of the lungs  can facilitate trouble breathing and prolong life, it does not influence progressing the BASS. Most of people about the BASS die of respiratory insufficiency, as a rule, for  3-5 year from the moment of emergence of symptoms. Nevertheless, about 10 percent from the diseased live 10 and more years after diagnosis.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Side amyotrophic sclerosis:

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