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Alzheimer's disease


Alzheimer's disease is the disease of a nervous system which is characterized by degenerative processes in nervous tissue and gradual loss of cognitive skills. The disease is called in honor of the German doctor who for the first time described specific intellectual мнестические disturbances at this disease in 1907. After 65 years the risk sharply increases to ache with this disease, however more often it is shown at the age of 40-50 years, and the beginning most earlier recorded in the history of medicine makes 28 years.

Etiologies of Alzheimer:

The exact etiology of Alzheimer's disease remains to the unknown also today. The researches conducted at patients indicate the expressed changes in a brain, destruction of nervous cells in the investigation of their atrophy and degeneration, deficit of the mediators which are taking part in transfer of a nervous signal. In the presence of Alzheimer's disease in a sort the risk considerably increases to ache it in the future. Scientists note that active cerebration can otstrochit age of development of a disease considerably.
The theory saying about a protein synthesis role with defective structure that is connected with disturbance of amino-acid structure is most distributed. Incorrectly structured proteins are completed in the form of fibrilla which collects in an organism.

Морфологические изменения при болезни Альцгеймера

Morphological changes at Alzheimer's disease

Alzheimer's disease symptoms:

The first symptoms of Alzheimer's disease include forgetfulness in everyday life, a carelessness, disturbance of attention, emotional frustration. At patients orientation in the place, time, then – in own personality is broken. Patients become apathetic, indifferent. The patient or his relatives begin to notice that it becomes harder and harder to perform elementary mathematical operations, to fill in receipts, to count delivery in shop. Then handwriting changes. Quite often on a picture of organic decrease in intelligence and mnestichesky functions the psychotic symptomatology in the form of crazy inclusions and deception of perception (hallucinations) is imposed. The thinking is broken, block of thought processes is expressed. Aphasia, an acalculia, agraphia develops. With progressing of a disease cognitive defect goes deep, the patient ceases to recognize relatives, cannot call the passport data, cease to service themselves, to be interested to people around and even to perform elementary hygienic operations. Further there is a full disintegration of a kernel of the personality to loss of all skills.

Поражение головного мозг при болезни Альцгеймера

Defeat head a brain at Alzheimer's disease

Treatment of Alzheimer's disease:

At this stage of development of medicine treatment of Alzheimer's disease represents a huge problem. Active search of effective drugs in therapy of this disease is around the world conducted. In view of specific symptomatology of this disease patients demand attentive leaving and constant observation. Treatment assumes first of all correction of behavioural disturbances, use of sedative drugs at excitement.
Use of drugs of the NPVS group also pathogenetic is justified as they are capable to stop inflammatory process around the formed senile plaques.
However the most perspective direction in treatment of Alzheimer's disease is development of new blockers of acetylcholinesterase which can keep the high level of an atsetilkholn in a brain. The first drug, the representative of this group, became такрин, however it was not widely adopted because of the expressed side effects. Then donepezil and ривастигмин was developed. At the beginning of the 21st century Galantaminum which is capable not only to slow down pathological process is developed and implemented to use and and to reduce already developed.
Other direction of therapeutic tactics at Alzheimer's disease assumes blockade of formation of amyloid protein that prevents formation of fibrillar bunches and destruction of neurons.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Alzheimer's disease:

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