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Pregnancy Not incubation


During all first trimester there is a threat of an abortion on early terms therefore it is necessary to see immediately a doctor if one of the following symptoms is observed at least.

Nevynashivaniya's symptoms of pregnancy:

The main sign of threat of an abortion on early terms  – bleeding. There are long continuous bleedings, and there can be small allocations from a vagina at which abdominal pains appear. Allocations on color happen brown, gray or pink.

The most characteristic signs of threat of abortion which have to guard the woman is a severe bleeding and abdominal pains. They arise at the end of the second and at the beginning of the third month of pregnancy. The sharp abdominal pain which is not followed by bleeding is too an occasion to see a doctor.

The threat of not incubation of pregnancy in the first trimester is indicated by small constant bleeding or a moderate abdominal pain. Anyway only after medical examination it is possible to judge whether there is a threat of an abortion on early terms. It is better to carry out treatment in the conditions of a hospital.

Nevynashivaniya's reasons for pregnancy:

The threat of an abortion on early terms  can be caused by the different reasons. Some scientists consider that about 60% of all abortions during the first trimester are caused by genetic deviations.

Chronic diseases of mother, deviation in a uterus structure, chromosomal disturbances, incompatibility of blood of mother and a fruit on a Rhesus factor are the main reasons for threat of an abortion on early terms in the first trimester (Rhesus factor conflict). The age of the pregnant woman also influences risk of not incubation.

At women up to 30 years it makes 10%, at women 45 years are more senior the frequency of cases of an abortion increases and makes 50%. If there were already two abortions, then inspection at the specialist is recommended to the woman to try to establish the abortion reason.

Nevynashivaniya's treatment pregnancies:

Treatment is carried out only on doctor's orders taking into account results of inspection. If there is no pain insignificant, blood allocations, and earlier you had no abortions, it is possible to spend treatment at home. Create themselves the comfort maximum, let people around will help you with it. Refrain for some time from sex life.

Usually treatment will include reception of any calming drugs, vitamins, spasmolysants and, if necessary, hormones. If there are blood allocations, megalgias in the bottom of a stomach or you already had abortions earlier, it is necessary to call immediately the Ambulance or to address independently to hospital.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for Nevynashivaniya's treatment pregnancies:

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