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Ovulatory syndrome


The ovulatory syndrome is a complex of symptoms during an ovum exit from a follicle (ovulation), mainly painful feelings in a stomach, ileal or hypogastric areas.

Symptoms of the Ovulatory syndrome:

Pain can be long or short-term, pulling or pricking, but in most cases in lower parts of a stomach, from that party where there was an ovulation. At pains in the right side of a stomach it is necessary to exclude a possibility of appendicitis.
Other characteristic sign of an ovulatory syndrome — the smearing bloody allocations within 2-3 days after an ovulation. It is connected with the fact that the ripened follicle after a gap ceases to produce hormones in enough, and the yellow body created on its place did not get into gear at full capacity yet. Falling of level of oestradiol is resulted by the small amotio of an endometria which is shown scanty bloody allocations.

Thus, the women accepting hormonal contraceptives are saved from an ovulatory syndrome (at least theoretically).

Reasons of the Ovulatory syndrome:

The pain reasons during an ovulation are not established yet, however it is supposed that pain is caused by a rupture of a wall of a follicle, and also the expiration of blood in a small pelvis which is a strong irritant of a peritoneum. Some women can have quite painful this process, for example, in the presence of commissures in a small basin or at hypersensitivity to pain.

Treatment of the Ovulatory syndrome:

If the woman copes with pain during an ovulation, and not strongly longs for this occasion, then, of course, it is recommended to see a doctor. And he will already decide whether it is worth undertaking some measures in this case. Not always, when there is an ovulatory syndrome, treatment is surely shown. Sometimes it is enough to change a way of life or eating habits, having added the vegetable additives useful to female health. In that case it is possible to buy a traveling bag and to go to a travel to restore health.

At severe pains urgently address the gynecologist for definition of the diagnosis to be convinced of lack of an extrauterine pregnancy. It is especially important if occupations fitness, sports club play for you not the last role. Appointment for treatment of an ovulatory syndrome use hormonal tablets more often. Be not afraid to accept them, modern hormonal drugs make so that the dosage was small. Respectively, harm to an organism essential will not be done. And here advantage at least two - in - one: treatment and contraceptive effect.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Ovulatory syndrome:

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