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Foreign body of a vagina


Among foreign bodys there are vaginas which the gynecology in the practice faces, the objects which got can happen or at injuries of outside genitalias, and also entered specially (for sexual satisfaction, contraception, abortion, carrying out medical manipulations).

Reasons of a foreign body of a vagina:

Lumps of children's powder, grain of sand, pin, thread, the small parts of toys, buttons, buttons etc. which got accidentally or in the course of the game, prank can be found in girls in a vagina. In the pubertal period various foreign bodys are more often entered into a vagina in the course of masturbation. Foreign objects get into a vagina of puberal women at masturbation, attempts of protection from pregnancy or the aspiration to cause a misbirth, and also, much more rare, when carrying out gynecologic manipulations.

Symptoms of a foreign body of a vagina:

Having got into a vagina, the foreign body can long not cause any frustration and pathological symptoms.
Further the long irritation mucous or accession of a microbic infection is followed by the colpitis phenomena (at girls – a vulvovaginitis): vulva hypostasis, a hyperemia of a threshold, belyama of liquid character and milk color or mucopurulent allocations, sometimes with availability of impurity of blood and a pungent putrefactive smell. Plentiful allocations quite often cause maceration of skin of a crotch and a pyoderma.
The ascending infection can lead to development of a cervicitis, an endometritis, an urethritis, cystitis and intra belly infection, a spaykoobrazovaniye in a small basin, to infertility.
At stay in a vagina of sharp-pointed objects there can be a damage of a wall of a vagina with development of bleeding demanding acute management. In hard cases the getting wounds of a vulval wall with injuries of a bladder, rectum, bodies of a small pelvis are possible.
At long finding of a foreign body decubituses, necroses and an ijyazvleniya of fabrics, a vagina stenosis, urinogenital and vulval прямокишечные fistulas can develop in a vagina.


Existence of foreign bodys of a vagina is distinguished at a gynecologic research, survey by means of mirrors and a kolposkopiya. At virgins the bimanual rectoabdominal research, sounding of a vagina and a vaginoskopiya is conducted.
At the phenomena of a vulvovaginitis the bacteriological research of a smear is necessary. The long, persistently proceeding and not giving in to therapy vulvovaginitis at children, always causes the assumption of existence of a foreign body in a vagina in the gynecologist.
In case of suspicion on migration of a foreign body from a vagina carrying out a survey X-ray analysis of an abdominal cavity, ultrasonography, KT can be required.
Carrying out diagnosis allows to find out character of a foreign body of a vagina and it is correct to choose a way of its removal.

Removal of a foreign body from a vagina:

Complex challenge at extraction of a foreign body is need to avoid traumatizing walls of a vagina and, at safety of a hymen, disturbance of its integrity.
In typical cases the foreign subject can be taken from a vagina by a finger, urethral nippers, tweezers or a clip with long narrow brashna, Folkman's spoon. At hit in a vagina of smooth, round objects (balls, beads, buttons, etc.) the foreign body can be pushed out outside by means of the finger entered into a rectum and the hand helping through an abdominal wall.
For removal of fibrous fabrics (cotton wool, threads) a preferable way is vaginal washing.
In case of suspicion of vagina wound, and also detection of the injuring objects, extraction of a foreign body make in the conditions of a surgery block. Existence of a stenosis of the vagina interfering extraction of a foreign body demands an ulotomy.
Further for stopping of the phenomena of a vaginitis syringings of a vagina, an antibioticotherapia are carried out.

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