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Vagina cyst


The cyst of a vagina can superficially be located or get into depth of fabrics and reach okolovlagalishchny cellulose. The size of cystous tumors of a vagina sometimes reaches the sizes of walnut or egg. A vagina cyst form round or ovoidny, a consistence – soft or tugoelastichesky.
Walls of a cyst are outside presented by connecting fabric with elements of muscular tissue; from within the cavity is covered by a cylindrical, prismatic or cubic epithelium. Contents of cysts transparent (serous or mucous), yellowish or dark brown color.
Presently the clinical gynecology finds vagina cysts approximately in 1-2% of patients, is preferential at young age. Development cases from a cyst of a vagina of malignant tumors in medical practice are not described.

Vagina cyst reasons:

The cyst of a vagina is not what other as a slight tumor though and does not treat true tumors of generative organs. Such cyst can be inborn or traumatic (acquired).
Disturbances in development of internal fabrics of myullerovy or parakuretralny channels can be the reasons of an inborn cyst. The inborn cyst, as a rule, is placed on walls of a female generative organ. If it is about a cyst of myullerovy channels, then it is worth treating diagnosis as such disease often goes together with a vagina atresia that is already defect in development of female generative organs also more carefully.
Sometimes, that the cyst of a vagina arises because of surgical intervention during abortion. It is connected with elimination of gaps and hems which can remain after the delivery. If during surgical intervention in the thickness of tissues of a vagina epithelial educations get, then there is a risk of development of a similar tumor. The acquired cyst is localized most often on a back wall of a female generative organ.
Thus, we see that the reasons of a cyst can be very various. The main thing it to diagnose and begin treatment in time.

Vagina cyst symptoms:

Usually cysts of a vagina have an asymptomatic current and quite often come to light the gynecologist at planned survey. At the big size of a cyst there can be feelings of a foreign body in a vagina, discomfort and pains at sexual intercourse, dysuric disorders and disturbances of defecation.
The ulceration of covers, infection and suppuration of contents of a cyst of a vagina can be followed pathological belyam, morbidity strengthening, colpitis signs.
If the cyst of a vagina is revealed at the woman in the course of conducting pregnancy, tactics depends on the amount of retentsionny education. Cysts, small by the sizes, do not interfere with independent childbirth therefore are not subject to removal. At the huge cysts blocking the rodovy channel their aspiration or removal can be made, or delivery by Cesarean section is planned.

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Vagina cyst


If the cyst arose in anticipation of a vagina, then primary diagnosis can be carried out and independently. But only the gynecologist can carry out full check and diagnosis. As the cyst develops in most cases asymptomatically, but behind it constant observation of the specialist is necessary. If the cyst begins to increase significantly in sizes it is necessary to carry out its full removal by surgical intervention.
Diagnosis of a cyst takes place on reception at the doctor by means of delivery of a smear, ultrasonography and inspection with use of a gynecologic mirror. Before carrying out surgical removal of a benign tumor, the patient's smear is in addition investigated on bacteriological structure, and also define the provision of purulent education concerning an arrangement of a bladder and a rectum.
Also before operating carry out an additional kolposkopiya. It helps to define and prevent all possible risks connected with carrying out operation on removal of a cyst of a vagina.

Treatment of a cyst of a vagina:

Asymptomatic cysts of a vagina of the small size demand only dynamic observation; clinically cystous educations increasing in sizes or proving are subject to surgical removal – enucleating from the subject fabrics.
Puncture aspiration of contents of a cyst, as a rule, yields temporary result. In this case the cystous tumor of a vagina soon accumulates again the contents produced by epithelial cells. Such tactics can be justified at pregnant women with huge cysts of a vagina.
The safe and sparing method of removal of a cyst of a vagina is marsupialization - a section and emptying of a cyst with a podshivaniye of its walls to mucous.
During radical removal of a cyst of a vagina mucous walls it is cut by a slit; the cyst is enucleated in the stupid and acute way; on a bed and mucous catgut stitches are put. When enucleating cysts of the gartnerovy courses from the subject fabrics the course of operation can be complicated by damage of a wall of a rectum or bladder as these educations by an upper pole quite often go deeply to paravaginal, parametric and paravesical fat. Therefore at impossibility of removal of a cyst transvaginal access, resort to a laparotomy.


The prevention of formation of inborn cysts of a vagina demands providing normal conditions for course of pregnancy and laying of bodies of a fruit. Prevention of traumatic cysts consists in careful performance of vulval manipulations and careful conducting childbirth.
At accidental detection of asymptomatic cysts of a vagina behind their growth and development dynamic observation is established. Cysts of a vagina do not influence menstrual and genital function. At a tendency to increase in the sizes of a cyst, emergence of clinical symptomatology, the complicated current education excision is made.
At incomplete enucleating of a cyst of a vagina or puncture aspiration of contents perhaps repeated emergence of tumorous education.

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