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Cyst of bartolinovy gland


Cyst of bartolinovy gland call the roundish education in it filled with a secret. It is separated by the dense capsule from other fabrics. The cyst is formed as a result of closing of an output channel of gland.

Because of it department of lubricant of an entrance of the vagina is broken and there is a discomfort at sexual intercourse. The big sizes of a cyst can prevent to go, and cysts can often be complicated by an infection and abscessing (formation of a suppurative focus).

Reasons of a cyst of bartolinovy gland:

Urogenital infections become origins most often. In case of infection of cystous education abscess of bartolinovy gland can develop. Treatment can be both out-patient, and operational, and also to include such manipulations as marsupialization of a cyst of bartolinovy gland, the Word installation of a catheter, an extirpation.

The cyst of bartolinovy gland is formed when the channel removing the produced secret is corked, forming thereby cystous education. The reason of obstruction of a channel and an inflammation of gland most often are diseases which are transmitted sexually, such as gonorrhea, clamidiosis and t of. More rare as the activator of an inflammation opportunistic flora – a staphylococcal infection, colibacillus, etc., and also decrease in the general body resistance acts. It is possible to provoke infection and mechanically – an epilation of a zone of deep bikini, close synthetic linen and non-compliance with rules of personal hygiene quite often become the reasons of a cyst of bartolinovy gland. Traumatic gynecologic manipulations, such as abortion or hysteroscopy, can become the reason of obstruction of a channel, so and cystous education.

Symptoms of a cyst of bartolinovy gland:

The uncomplicated cyst of bartolinovy gland represents roundish, almost painless swelling in the lower segment of big vulvar lips. The size of a cyst of bartolinovy gland can vary from the pea sizes to goose egg. Small educations proceed asymptomatically and can come to light the gynecologist in the course of planned survey. In case of growth of a cyst of bartolinovy gland to the considerable sizes inconveniences at the movement are noted, morbidity at sexual intercourse.
At an empyema of cyst of bartolinovy gland and formation of abscess the febrile temperature (38-39 °C), intoxication, sharp deterioration in health appears. Increase in the amount of education up to 10-12 cm, feelings of a raspiraniye and a sharp throbbing pain in a crotch is locally noted. Any movement (walking, sitting, etc.) strengthen pain. Abscess of bartolinovy gland can spontaneously be opened with allocation outside of pus. As abscessing of a cyst of bartolinovy gland is quite often connected with sexually transmitted infections, existence of clinical symptomatology of a colpitis, urethritis, endocervicitis is possible (hypostasis and a hyperemia mucous, an itch, bleach).

Киста бартолиновой железы

Cyst of bartolinovy gland


Inflammation of a cyst of bartolinovy gland.

As it was noted above, the inflammation of a cyst of bartolinovy gland, is the result of hit of the accompanying infection. And if the uninflammed cyst of the small size does not disturb the woman and does not bring any discomfort, then the inflamed cyst is sharply painful. The inflammation of bartolinovy gland or a bartholinitis happens acute or chronic. The acute form is characterized by development of false or true abscess, chronic – a frequent recurrence with softly expressed symptoms. Often, in addition to pain, inflammatory process is followed by fervescence to febrile values (38-39) at an acute form or to subfebrile (37-37,5) at chronic.

Abscess of a cyst of bartolinovy gland.

The acute bartholinitis is characterized by existence of true or false abscess of bartolinovy gland. False abscess (canaliculitis) is caused by the fact that the output channel of bartolinovy gland at first inflames, and later and is corked that leads to accumulation of pus in gland, reddening and morbidity of surrounding fabrics and discomfort. Body temperature can slightly increase. Without address to the doctor and purpose of adequate treatment, the disease can pass into a chronic form. True abscess is characterized by penetration of an infection into gland that causes fusion of a parenchyma, a swelling of vulvar lips (as big and small), increase in inguinal lymph nodes, a leukocytosis, increase in SOE, sharp pain even without the movement. Sharply body temperature to 38-39C increases. At true abscess it is necessary to see a doctor because even when opening abscess spontaneously, full emptying of a cavity does not happen that conducts to a recurrence of a disease and surgical intervention immediately. It is not necessary to try to squeeze out abscess as owing to hit of an infection sepsis can develop in a blood stream.

Cyst of bartolinovy gland at pregnancy:

The cyst of bartolinovy gland very often arises during pregnancy as in this special time immunity is weakened and subject to any infections. If cystous education is not inflamed, then it does not influence the course of pregnancy. And if nevertheless the cyst inflamed, then depending on a sort of that infection which caused it also weights of symptoms, drainage of cystous education is preferred to be postponed for a puerperal period. All the matter is that during pregnancy inflow of blood to generative organs is sharply strengthened that can provoke bleeding. If not to do without intervention, the drainage is made under a local anesthesia, and the accompanying infection treat the antibiotics allowed for use at pregnancy. If before pregnancy the woman has frequent palindromias to suppurations and abscesses, then when planning pregnancy the doctor can recommend to carry out the procedure of removal of bartolinovy gland.

Treatment of a cyst of bartolinovy gland:

To treatment of small and asymptomatic cysts of bartolinovy gland of strict indications does not exist. Most often in gynecology resort to their removal at the request of the patient in connection with a recurrent current or the disturbing cosmetic shortcoming.
At increase in a cyst of bartolinovy gland and discomfortable feelings the surgical tactics directed to recovery of outflow of contents from gland is shown.
Simple opening and emptying of a cavity of a cyst of bartolinovy gland, as a rule, happens insufficiently: in this case after a while there is almost always a cyst recurrence. This results from the fact that dissect fabrics stick together again and block a way for outflow of a secret of gland. Therefore the operational gynecology uses the methods allowing to create a new output channel from gland.
As traditional way of treatment of retentsionny formation of a threshold serves marsupialization of a cyst of bartolinovy gland – opening of a cavity, evacuation of the accumulated secret, podshivany cysts of walls to edges of an operational wound with formation of the mouth of a new output channel. Marsupialization of a cyst allows to keep both bartolinovy gland, and its function.
Rather new technique is treatment of a cyst of bartolinovy gland with the help Word of a catheter. Through small (3-5 mm) a section over a pole of education evacuate contents and sanify a cyst cavity; then in it establish a thin silicone catheter with the small cylinder inflated on the end. Word a catheter is left in a cyst cavity for 4-5 weeks during which there is a formation and epithelization of a new output channel. After removal Word of a catheter of a wall of the output channel do not grow together with each other any more.
If the cyst of bartolinovy gland comes to light at the patient in the course of conducting pregnancy, puncture aspiration of its contents is carried out.
Unfortunately, neither marsupialization, nor the Word installation of a catheter guarantee against emergence of a recurrence of a cyst of bartolinovy gland. At a recurrence of obstruction of an output opening the extirpation - removal of a cyst of bartolinovy gland together with gland and a channel is made. In case of an empyema of cyst of bartolinovy gland opening of abscess and its drainage is carried out.
In the post-operational period the physical therapy (UVCh, magnetotherapy, Ural federal district), treatment of the revealed sexually transmitted infection, immunocorrection is carried out.

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