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Erosion of a neck of uterus


The erosion of a neck of uterus is the disease which is characterized by formation of the center of damage of a mucous membrane in the form of its exfoliating localized around an outside opening of the cervical channel. In modern medicine the term "erosion" is replaced with "ectopia".
The epithelial cells covering the channel of a neck of uterus and its outside (vulval) part are various on a structure and functions. At an erosion emergence of an epithelium is observed, is normal inherent to the cervical channel, on a vulval part of a neck of uterus. Most often the erosion of a neck of uterus is diagnosed accidentally, at the address of the woman to the gynecologist concerning other disease. It occurs in view of the low-expressed disease symptomatology.
Specialists divide a true and false erosion. The false erosion (pseudo-erosion) is characterized by distribution of a cylindrical epithelium out of limits of its physiological localization, out of an outside pharynx of a neck of uterus. During the different periods of life the false erosion is diagnosed for 40% of women.
At the valid rejection of a cervical epithelium with an exposure of the site of a neck of uterus the true erosion is diagnosed.
The ectopia (erosion) of a neck of uterus in most cases disappears closer to 40-year age. It is connected with the fact that with age there is a border shift between 2 types of an epithelium closer to the center.
The opinion that the erosion of a neck of uterus is a precancerous disease appeared mistakenly. However existence of epithelial defect significantly increases risk of infection.

Дефект слизистой оболочки при эрозии шейки матки

Defect of a mucous membrane at an erosion of a neck of uterus

Reasons of the Erosion of a neck of uterus:

Epithelial defect at an erosion develops most often at mechanical impact on a neck of uterus. The physical injury leads to exfoliating of an epithelium, on site damages there is an inflammatory process. The disease quite often develops against the background of already available disease – clamidiosis, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, etc. It occurs in connection with behavior of a cell wall the infectious agent. Development of an erosion can happen against the background of disturbances of a monthly cycle and hormonal balance.
According to the immunological theory, pathological erosive process is started against the background of decrease in immunity of an organism. Existence of diseases, sexually transmitted, repeated abortions in the past, chaotic sex life – the factors allowing to carry the woman to group of "risk" on an erosion to a neck of uterus.

Symptoms of the Erosion of a neck of uterus:

Usually the erosion of a neck of uterus is not followed by the expressed symptoms. However sometimes, both at true, and at a false erosion, allocations from a vagina and pain in the bottom of a stomach can be observed. Quite often bloody allocations  after sexual intercourse, so-called "contact" bleedings are found.
The gynecologist can suspect an erosion already at the first gynecologic survey of mirrors. Specification of the diagnosis demands use of special optical drug – a kolposkop. Kolposkopiya is simple and expanded, using special drugs (generally iodine drugs). Detection bright is red spots around an outside pharynx of a neck of uterus testifies in favor of an ectopia. The further diagnostic program assumes capture of smears, and also a biopsy – withdrawal of a piece patholologically of the changed epithelium for a research.

Treatment of the Erosion of a neck of uterus:

Treatment of an erosion of a neck of uterus should be begun with correction of the available hormonal disturbances and the accompanying inflammatory diseases. Most often the erosion is a consequence of the specified pathology, and disappears after treatment of the main problem. If this therapy did not give effect, it is necessary to take measures for destruction of the changed epithelium. After the carried-out treatment on site of fabric defect special granulations under which the new epithelium accrues are formed. Until full healing of postoperative defect the woman is forbidden to have sex. It is necessary to apply more sparing methods to not giving birth women to avoid formation of a rough hem of the channel of a neck of uterus that can lead to complications in labor.
So-called chemical coagulation is applied by means of a solkovagin. This drug represents mix of the organic acids and zinc nitrate dissolved in nitric acid. It is considered that use of a solkovagin does not lead to formation of a rough hem. However this method is applied only at the small sizes of the center – to 12 mm. The full course makes up to 5 procedures.
More modern methods applied to removal of an erosion are influence by radio waves, use of a lazerokoagulyation, influence by liquid nitrogen. These methods of a malotravmatichna, also do not lead to formation of a rough hem, can be carried out to not giving birth women.
Diathermocoagulation for treatment of an erosion of a neck of uterus lost the value in connection with possible formation of a hem, high risk of development of endometriosis and other complications now.

Криодеструкция эрозии шейки матки

Cryolysis of an erosion of a neck of uterus

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Erosion of a neck of uterus:

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