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The endocervicitis - an inflammation of a mucous membrane of the cervical channel, results from an injury of a neck of uterus at childbirth, abortions, diagnostic vyskablivaniye and other intrauterine interventions. The Tropnost to a cylindrical epithelium of the channel of a neck of uterus is especially characteristic of gonokokk, chlamydias.

Endocervicitis symptoms:

The endocervicitis is the disease which is quickly passing from an acute form in chronic and almost not giving symptoms (irrespective of sharpness of process). Among complaints of the patient existence of allocations which can be plentiful or scanty takes place, have character mucous, purulent or mucopurulent.

    The second symptom is the stupid, aching, nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach. Pains can be various degree of intensity. Also the itch in the field of generative organs can be noted.
At objective inspection in the period of an aggravation a neck of uterus edematous, bright cerise color, in her outside pharynx multiple small erosion which coloring brighter in comparison with a neck of uterus, sometimes erosion are covered with a purulent plaque are visible. From the channel of a neck of uterus mucopurulent contents are allocated.

If the disease passes into a chronic form, pain weakens, the number of allocations decreases, and then they stop at all that can force the patient to think of recovery mistakenly. At a chronic inflammation there is a hypertrophy of a muscular coat of a neck of uterus and its gland – there is a so-called "cervical metritis". At the same time a neck of uterus at a palpation reinforced and dense.
The chronic stage of a disease is visually characterized by disappearance of symptoms of an acute endocervicitis, only sometimes around an outside pharynx of a neck of uterus the red nimbus testimonial of existence of an inflammation remains.
The endocervicitis is dangerous by the complications. Inflammatory process of the channel of a neck of uterus on the ascending ways of transmission of infection can pass to the bodies and fabrics located above: on uterus appendages, an endometria and a peritoneum

Endocervicitis reasons:

The international classification of diseases of the X review of International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems 10th Revision Version for 2006 distinguishes the following infectious and a vospalitelnyezabolevaniye of a neck of uterus.

    * Gonococcal cervicitis
    * Chlamidia cervicitis
    * Inflammatory disease of a neck of uterus
joint stock company the rule, an inflammation of the channel of a neck of uterus provoke medical procedures: introduction of an intrauterine spiral, abortions, injuries in time and after the delivery, diagnostic a scraping, uterine probing. Other diseases of a female genital, such as can accompany an endocervicitis: colpitis, endometritis, ectopia of a neck of uterus. These diseases can how to precede an endocervicitis, so to arise in parallel with it and after it.

      Also the endocervicitis can arise at colpoptosis and necks of uterus, at emergence of the smallest, not visible with the naked eye, ruptures of a neck of uterus,  use of incorrectly picked up contraceptives, erosion of a neck of uterus, and also can be provoked by approach of usual periods.

Treatment of the Endocervicitis:

Has to be etiotropic (depending on a type of the activator) and taking into account sensitivity of flora to antibacterial drugs.
Also appoint  the vaginal tablets, capsules, suppositories containing the antibacterial agents possessing a broad spectrum of activity: Terzhinan, Betadin, Makmiror-kompleks-500, Ginalgin.
After the end of treatment it is necessary to carry out antifungal therapy: Flucostat, Mikosist, Diflucan; and also settling of a vagina lactobacilli: Vaginorm-S, Atsilakt. For prevention of a recurrence means of immunocorrection are used: Timolin, Taktivin, Levamisole, Interferona.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Endocervicitis:

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