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Ectopia of a neck of uterus


Ectopia of a neck of uterus — an arrangement of the cylindrical epithelium covering the channel of a neck of uterus on its vulval surface that externally looks as a red spot around an outside opening of the channel. In spite of the fact that the term an ectopia replaced the outdated term an erosion long ago, the last continues to be used still by doctors, causing unnecessary negative reaction of patients.
The ectopia occurs approximately at a half of women of reproductive age and does not occur at women after 40 years.
Despite ordinary opinion on existence and malignancy of this disease, most of modern doctors consider this phenomenon often a normal physiological and variable state. Practically all cases registered by doctors of the Soviet school as an erosion of a neck of uterus do not get to the international classification of diseases as a disease, and are considered as a normal physiological condition of the woman.

Symptoms of the Ectopia of a neck of uterus:

In most cases the ectopia has no symptoms. At the accompanying inflammation (cervicitis) allocations from a vagina are noted. In rare instances the ectopia is followed by bloody allocations after sexual intercourse (contact bleedings). Pains at sexual intercourse.

Reasons of the Ectopia of a neck of uterus:

At pre-natal development of generative organs the cylindrical epithelium at first covers all internal surface of rudiments of a vagina and uterus, and then the flat epithelium replaces cylindrical in a vagina and partially on a vulval part of a neck of uterus. Due to the sensitivity of a cylindrical epithelium to influence of hormones, during the woman's life the border of a cylindrical epithelium is periodically displaced outside, leading to formation of an ectopia then again there is an increase of a flat epithelium. Existence of an ectopia is most characteristic of the period of a neonatality, puberty, at young women, at pregnancy and use of hormonal contraception. The ectopia can be formed at infections, mechanical or chemical irritation of a neck of uterus.

Treatment of the Ectopia of a neck of uterus:

The asymptomatic ectopia does not demand treatment. In the presence of an inflammation carry out treatment of an infection. In case of contact bleedings use of the methods destroying an ectopic epithelium is possible (Solkovagin, a cryolysis, laser vaporization, a radiovolnovy method, etc.).

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