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The metroendometritis is вВ because of hit in an infection uterus.
Most often this disease arises after the delivery when the surface of a uterus, in fact, is the wound surface which is not protected practically by anything from an infection.

Metroendometritis symptoms:

It is accepted to distinguish from symptoms of a metroendometritis:
pain in the bottom of a stomach and in a groin;
mucopurulent or purulent discharges from a vagina;
temperature increase;
increase in SOE;
disturbances of a menstrual cycle;
lack of an ovulation;

The acute stage of this disease lasts about 5 - 6 days. Further there is a rejection and disintegration mucous an endometria. The inflammation most often extends on lymph nodes and vessels to muscles. The peritoneum and surrounding fabrics is quite often involved in inflammatory process. The worst option of succession of events – uterus sepsis.

Метроэндометрит (макропрепарат)

Metroendometritis (macrodrug)

Metroendometritis reasons:

Also the metroendometritis can appear after unsuccessful abortion, an abortion, as a result of an injury of generative organs, an oncotomy of a uterus, uterus polyps. Can lead typhus, flu, catarrhal diseases to emergence of a metroendometritis.

Treatment of the Metroendometritis:

Treatment of a metroendometritis consists in antiinflammatory therapy, prescription of antibiotics. Treatment of a metroendometritis has to be carried out in a hospital. Hospitalization is obligatory at an acute stage of a disease. The patient has to observe a bed rest. It is necessary to put ice on a stomach. At severe pains give anesthetic.

At a chronic metroendometritis quite often appoint warm syringings, an electrophoresis, parafino-and mud cure. Reception of antihistamines and vitamins is also necessary. At the accompanying hypo-ovaria hormonal therapy is recommended.

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