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Salpingo-oophoritis (from Greek sálpinx, a genitive case of sálpingos — a pipe and new lat. oophoron — an ovary; Xing. — an adnexitis) — an inflammation of appendages of a uterus (uterine tubes and ovaries) of the person.

Salpingo-oophoritis symptoms:

At acute process pains in the lower part of a stomach, a febricula disturb, temperature increases to 38 — 38,5 °C, the stomach is intense in lower parts, painful at a palpation. These phenomena abate upon transition of a disease to subacute. Symptoms of an acute adnexitis: the patient complains of high temperature, a fever, perspiration, symptoms of the general intoxication in the form of muscular or headaches. Severe pain in the bottom of a stomach and in a waist is noted, there can be disturbances of an urination. The stomach can be intense, painful at palpation. At gynecologic survey the edematous, increased, painful appendages are defined. Signs of defeat of pelvic cellulose can sometimes be observed. In the presence the patient at the same time inflammations of a uterus can have complaints to purulent discharges from sexual putey.1 Symptoms chronic salpingooforita:bol of the stupid, aching character in the bottom of a stomach, in inguinal areas, is not rare in a vagina. The synalgias arising on the course of pelvic nerves are characteristic, intensity of pain does not correspond to the nature of changes in generative organs. The chronic salpingo-oophoritis is followed by periodic aggravations. The women suffering from a chronic inflammation of appendages of a uterus often arrive in oppressed psychological state. The second symptom of a chronic adnexitis - disturbance of a menstrual cycle. It is connected with the changes of function of ovaries which resulted from an inflammation. The hypo-ovaria forms, it leads to decrease in level of female sex hormones. Monthly usually plentiful, painful, allocations with clots are possible. There is a failure of a menstrual cycle, periods begin to come irregularly, also to increase their duration. However the opposite picture of allocation is in certain cases noted become scanty, duration of periods is reduced. Disturbances of sexual function, sexual desire. Emergence of pain at sexual contacts. Aggravations are provoked by a stress, overfatigue, overcooling, change of climate, existence of the general disease, etc.

Chronic disease.

At a chronic salpingo-oophoritis there are periodic or constant pains in the lower part of a stomach and a waist, infertility, disturbances of a menstrual cycle. At vaginal examonation find the increased uterus appendages.

Salpingo-oophoritis reasons:

At the woman arises at penetration into uterine tubes, and then and into ovaries of stafilokokk, streptococci, colibacillus, gonokokk, mycobacteria of tuberculosis and other pathogenic microorganisms. Cocci and colibacillus get from a uterus in the ascending way, and tuberculosis mycobacteria — with a blood flow from easy and other bodies. The adnexitis can be provoked by the overfatigue weakened by immunity bathing in cold water, etc. It is impossible to postpone treatment of an adeneksit (even easily proceeding vaginit and vulvit) because of possible complications. The acute inflammation of appendages of a uterus can arise against the background of the general infectious disease, owing to immunity easing. At the same time there is a hit of the activator to the area of a small pelvis from the infection center which can be the inflamed Highmore's bosom or purulent almonds. Transmission of infection can happen and sexually, especially if the sexual contact happened during periods, right after abortion or other intrauterine intervention. Emergence of an acute adnexitis or an aggravation of a chronic adnexitis is frequent arises after abortion which is the most severe stress for an organism. Overcooling, lack of normal food, stresses and constant overfatigue can serve as the reason of an aggravation of already existing chronic inflammation of appendages.

Treatment of the Salpingo-oophoritis:

In a subacute stage carefully pass to physiotherapeutic procedures which are appointed also at a chronic salpingo-oophoritis (dirt, ultrasound, a diathermy, etc.). The early initiation of treatment interferes with formation of cicatricial changes in appendages of a uterus and developing of persistent infertility. The purulent salpingo-oophoritis demands operational treatment, a tubercular salpingo-oophoritis — uses of antituberculous remedies. Treatment of an acute adnexitis. Severe forms of an acute inflammation of appendages have to be treated only in hospital. Antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity in the form of intramuscular or intravenous injections are appointed, drugs, growth-inhibiting anaerobe bacterias are surely appointed. Apply intravenous drop administration of solutions, vitamins to removal of symptoms of the general intoxication. In case of development of peritonitis or formation of purulent sacks in uterine tubes operational treatment is made. Now practice laparoscopic operations at which through 2 — a 3-centimeter section on a front abdominal wall by means of the special device — the laparoskopa — is carried out the necessary volume of intervention in medicine. Also immunomodulators are applied. At first-aid treatment it is possible to use cold on suprapubic area. In this case heating is contraindicated, to use a hot-water bottle nelzya.2. Treatment of a chronic adnexitis. At aggravations perhaps purpose of a course of antibiotics which to be followed by purpose of the drugs having immunomodulatory effect is also desirable. Reception of polyvitamins, fortifying means, the drugs having antiallergenic effect is necessary. Analgetics, acupuncture, psychotherapy, acupressure are appointed. During the remission periods resorptional therapy (mud tampons, candles, ultrasound, magnetotherapy, an electrophoresis of iodine, zinc, copper) and physical therapy. The sanatorium resort therapy, also favorably affects patients. Now at treatment of chronic adnexites for lengthening of the period of remission use hormonal contraceptives, they are appointed to 6 — 8 months, and sometimes and for longer term. At the expressed painful component, extensive cicatricial and commissural process in a small basin and formation in the field of appendages of liquid sacks (gidro-and piosalpinks) operational treatment is shown. The section and removal of commissures, recovery of passability of uterine tubes, removal of purulent and liquid educations which appeared as a result of the postponed inflammation is made. Recovery of passability of uterine tubes does not mean normalization of their function, risk of infertility at the expressed commissural process in a small basin even after successfully performed operation remains high.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Salpingo-oophoritis:

  • Препарат Экоклав.


    Antibiotic of group of penicillin of a broad spectrum of activity with inhibitor beta лактамаз.

    JSC AVVA RUS Russia


  • Препарат Рапиклав.


    Antibiotic of group of penicillin of a broad spectrum of activity with inhibitor beta лактамаз.

    Ipca Laboratories (Ipk Laboratoriya) India

  • Препарат Юнидокс Солютаб®.

    Yunidoks Solyutab®

    Antibiotic - tetracycline + a glucocorticosteroid.

    Astellas Pharma Europe B.V. (Astellas of Pharm Yurop B. V.) Netherlands

  • Препарат Амклав.


    Beta лактамные antibiotics, penicillin.

    RUP of Belmedpreparata Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Бензилпенициллин.


    Antimicrobic means for system use.

    Arterium (Arterium) Ukraine

  • Препарат Амиклав®.


    Antimicrobic means for system use.

    JSC Himfarm Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Препарат Галавит.



    CJSC TsSM Medikor Russia

  • Препарат Арлет.


    Antibiotic penicillin semi-synthetic + beta лактамаз inhibitor.

    JSC Sintez Russia

  • Препарат Деринат.



    CJSC FP Tekhnomedservice, Russia


  • Препарат Флогэнзим.


    Immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory drug.

    Mucos Pharma GmbH & Co (Mukos Pharm Gmbh and To) Germany

  • Препарат Иммуноглобулин человека антихламидийный.

    Immunoglobulin of the person anti-Chlamidia

    Specific immunoglobulins.

    CIAO Biofarm Ukraine

  • Препарат Пиобактериофаг комплексный .

    Пиобактериофаг complex

    Vaccines, serums, phage and anatoxins.

    Federal state unitary enterprise NPO Mikrogen Russia

  • Препарат Бактериофаг стрептококковый.

    The bacteriophage is streptococcal

    Vaccines, serums, phage and anatoxins.

    Federal state unitary enterprise NPO Mikrogen Russia

  • Препарат Сульбацин.


    Beta лактамные antibiotics. Penicillin of a broad spectrum of activity. Ampicillin.

    Unichem Laboratories Ltd (Yunikem Laboratoriz Ltd) India

  • Препарат Кламосар®.


    Antibiotic penicillin semi-synthetic + beta лактамаз inhibitor.

    JSC Biokhimik Republic of Mordovia

  • Препарат Цефтриабол®.


    Antimicrobic means for system use. Beta лактамные antibiotics. Generation cephalosporins III.

    LLC ABOLMED Russia

  • Препарат Бактериофаг коли.

    Prick a bacteriophage

    Vaccines, serums, phage and anatoxins.

    Federal state unitary enterprise NPO Mikrogen Russia

  • Препарат Галавит.



    CJSC TsSM Medikor Russia

  • Препарат Видокцин®.


    Antibiotic of group of tetracyclines.

    LLC ABOLMED Russia

  • Препарат Бактериофаг клебсиелл поливалентный очищенный.

    Bacteriophage клебсиелл polyvalent cleared

    Vaccines, serums, phage and anatoxins.

    Federal state unitary enterprise NPO Mikrogen Russia

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