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Infertility occurs at many couples around the world. Consider that about 14% of married couples face problems of infertility. Statistically, the number of married couples at which infertility occurs increases annually on 2 million.

Infertility symptoms:

The diagnosis infertility is made in case of lack of pregnancy in 1 year of regular sex life without use of contraceptives. You can diagnose infertility in our clinic. Term in 12 months is determined by physicians statistically: approximately at 30% of healthy married couples pregnancy occurs within the first 3 months of joint sex life, at 60% - within 6-7 months, and in the remained 10% the woman becomes pregnant within a year. Therefore 12 months consider sufficient term for assessment of fertility of married couple. Fortunately, in most cases infertility can be overcome by methods of modern reproductive medicine. After clarification of a form of infertility репродуктолог appoints treatment of infertility.

Infertility reasons:

Female infertility exists several types of female infertility. Let's consider the most common causes of female infertility. In case the hormonal mechanism leading an ovulation is broken there is no rupture of a follicle, the ovum cannot leave an ovary and get neither to a fallopiyeva a pipe, nor to a uterus - endocrine (or hormonal) an infertility form. At absence or impassability of both uterine tubes, and also the complicated movement of an ovum on pipes - a pipe form of infertility. Anatomic defects of a uterus, inborn or acquired, can also become the reason which caused infertility. In that case speak about a uterine form of infertility.
Male infertility - the woman is healthy, and qualitative characteristics of sperm at the man are lowered. There are different reasons of male infertility - for example, spermatozoa move "is lazy" or the insufficient quantity of spermatozoa or their total absence are not mobile at all. The list of the reasons of "bad" behavior of spermatozoa is quite big: it is prostatitis, various infections, genetic disorders... Some obstacles can interfere with movement of spermatozoa from testicles. For example, it can be commissure or a hem, narrowing or lack of any site of the semyavyvodyashchy canal. Happens that infertility develops owing to a small egg injury. The immune system begins to consider spermatozoa as strangers and develops to them antibodies. And it is not all list of the reasons of male infertility.

Treatment of Infertility:

After diagnosis of married couple and definition of the reasons which caused infertility, methods of treatment are selected from an optimality position for each case. This or conservative treatment (hormonal, antiinflammatory) or surgical. In couples when these methods of treatment of infertility are ineffective, carry out treatment by methods of the auxiliary reproductive technologies (ART).

Presently treatment of infertility assumes quite wide choice of various methods and approaches. Treatment of infertility in Ukraine reaches the European level recently.

The planned intercourse is one of the most popular and simple methods of overcoming easy forms of infertility. If passability of fallopian pipes is not broken, sperm and an endometria are normal - this method is used. It is based on definition of day of an ovulation after which there has to be a conception attempt. However if tube infertility is revealed, treatment is carried out by artificial methods.

Intrauterine insemination is used at failure of the planned intercourse or at problems with cervical slime.

EKO, widely known method of treatment of infertility, is based on fertilization of an ovum in vitro and change of the turned-out embryo in the patient's uterus. This method of treatment of infertility is used at tube infertility, endometriosis, pathologies of a neck of uterus, etc.
Treatment of female infertility. If at the woman hormonal disturbances are revealed, by her appoint the corresponding treatment of infertility. If disturbance of an ovulation became the reason of infertility, stimulation of an ovulation is used. At disturbances of passability of uterine tubes apply surgical ways of treatment of infertility. At heavier and difficult disturbances of reproductive system at the woman, for example, when immunological infertility is revealed, treatment of the woman is carried out by the EKO method.
Treatment of male infertility. IKSI – a method of treatment of infertility at which previously selected spermatozoon is located directly in an ovum. Treatment of male infertility is in most cases made by this method - he effectively solves a problem of poor quality of sperm. Carry a possibility of transfer of infertility to posterity and complexity of the procedure to shortcomings of this method of treatment of male infertility.

Treatment of infertility at men by IKSI method is recommended at a small amount of mobile spermatozoa, existence of antibodies in sperm, unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant by means of standard methods and EKO.

And how to treat the infertility caused by emergence of obstacles in a way of an ovum and a spermatozoon? In this case use transplantation of gametes in directly in pipe fallopiyeva. This method of treatment of infertility is quite similar to the EKO method: the ovum is impregnated in the same way in vitro then place in a catheter and by means of a laparoscopy take a fallopiyeva a pipe and place oospores there.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Infertility:

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