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Uterus retroflexion


Uterus retroflexion – atypical anatomic position of a uterus owing to a bend of her body of a kzada, towards a backbone. The retroflexion of a uterus has no clinical manifestations, characteristic of this state; can be followed by pains, allocations from a vagina, disturbance of menstrual function and function of adjacent bodies. The uterus retroflexion is diagnosed, usually, at gynecologic survey. Treatment of a retroflexion of a uterus is carried out in the presence of complaints at the patient and is directed to elimination of the main pathology which caused a bend.

Ретрофлексия матки

Uterus retroflexion

Uterus retroflexion reasons:

Allocate the mobile and fixed uterus retroflexion.

The fixed retroflexion of a uterus is followed by a full or partial immovability of body and morbidity at its correction in the course of gynecologic survey. As the reason for the fixed retroflexion of a uterus serves the spaykoobrazovaniye in a small basin which can be caused by inflammations (an endometritis, an adnexitis, a pelviperitonitis), tumoral diseases of bodies of a small pelvis, endometriosis.

Leads decrease in a tone, a muscle strain to development of a mobile retroflexion of a uterus and the ligaments of a small pelvis supporting a uterus in a normality.

The mobile retroflexion of a uterus can arise at women of an asthenic (thin) constitution, at sharp loss of weight after a serious illness, a long bed rest, owing to irrational food. Anatomo-fiziologichesky disturbances at an underdevelopment of generative organs, an enteroptosia, birth trauma, frequent abortions, hard physical activity also promote development of a mobile retroflexion of a uterus.

Uterus retroflexion symptoms:

The mobile retroflexion of a uterus, as a rule, proceeds asymptomatically and can be found at a gynecologic research accidentally.

At the fixed retroflexion of a uterus of the patient show the complaints characteristic of the basic disease which led to a bend (inflammatory process or endometriosis). Usually, it is weight, morbidity in a sacrum and in the bottom of a stomach, bleach, disturbance of menstrual function (plentiful or irregular periods), pains at sexual intercourse, dysfunction of intestines (locks) and urinations (the speeded-up desires).

At it is long the existing retroflexion of a uterus omission and a prolapse of the uterus is observed. The infertility accompanying a uterus retroflexion, as a rule, is caused not by its wrong situation, and to the basic diseases which led to a bend. At a uterus retroflexion pregnancy often proceeds with threat of an abortion or comes to an end with spontaneous interruption.


Diagnosis of a retroflexion of a uterus is possible by results of gynecologic survey with a bimanual research.

During the two-handled research the gynecologist defines a deviation of a body of the womb of a kzada and estimates its mobility. In case of a mobile retroflexion at a bimanual research the uterus can be returned freely to normal situation, at the fixed retroflexion - change of position of a uterus does not manage to be made, it is followed by sharp pain.

At suspicion of tumors of internal generative organs and inflammatory processes in a small pelvis to patients with a retroflexion of a uterus carry out ultrasonography, a computer tomography.

Treatment of a retroflexion of a uterus:

At an asymptomatic retroflexion of a uterus of treatment it is not required, but it is necessary to limit heavy lifting.

The modern gynecology considers necessary treatment of a retroflexion of a uterus in the presence of the expressed clinical symptomatology, infertility and pregnancy not incubation. Treatment is directed, first of all, to elimination of a cause of illness, caused a bend.

The choice of tactics of treatment of a retroflexion of a uterus depends on a possibility of the return metrectopia in a cavity of a small pelvis. At a mobile retroflexion of a uterus make manual basculation in normal situation after preliminary bladder emptying and a rectum, appoint physiotherapy exercises, sometimes gynecologic massage and carrying special pessaries.

If the retroflexion of a uterus developed as a result of inflammatory and commissural processes in a small basin, use of antiinflammatory, fibrinolitic drugs, vitamin and mineral complexes is shown, to physical therapy (an electrophoresis, diadynamotherapy, an ultrafonoforez, a paraffin therapy, mud cure, acupuncture).

Treatment of a retroflexion of the uterus which arose against the background of endometriosis is carried out for the purpose of normalization of a hormonal background. Sometimes pregnancy and childbirth can promote spontaneous return of a uterus to an antefleksiya.

In the presence of the new growths in a small pelvis leading to a retroflexion of a uterus the operational oncotomy and if necessary - the sparing surgical correction of position of a uterus is carried out.

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