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The menacing abortion


In gynecology the state at which death of a fruit did not occur yet, but already occurred rejection of a placenta, is called the menacing abortion. If the pregnant woman with such diagnosis was hospitalized in time, that is every chance of successful treatment.

Symptoms of the Menacing abortion:

During the menacing abortion of the patient feel the weak, aching pain in lumbar area and in a stomach bottom. Generally such state is not followed by bloody allocations. As for a uterus, its size completely corresponds to duration of gestation, the outside pharynx is in the closed state.

The reasons of the Menacing abortion:

The pregnancy residing under the threat requires special attention. Women of the kidneys having diseases can have such difficult course of pregnancy, a liver, heart troubles, lungs, hemadens and blood circulation.
All women who underwent gynecologic operations earlier and also women who had abortions and abortion have to be surely under special control of the gynecologist.

The physiology of some women disposes to repeated abortions therefore such pregnant women demand medical intervention from the first days of pregnancy. The period of a monthly menstrual cycle is especially dangerous to such women.

Treatment of the Menacing abortion:

All treatment of the menacing abortion will depend on its stage. But anyway, the patient has to be placed in a hospital where has to observe a bed rest.
Vaginal examonations have to be conducted only according to strict indications. The psychotherapy allowing to eliminate negative emotions at the pregnant woman thereby positively is the cornerstone of treatment of such state influencing the further course of pregnancy.
As for surgical treatment during the menacing abortion, it is required only in that case if it is necessary to eliminate pathological expansion of an isthmus and an internal uterine pharynx.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Menacing abortion:

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