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The bartholinitis is a purulent inflammation of big (bartolinovy) gland of an entrance of the vagina which activator most often is гонококк, staphylococcus or other microorganisms: colibacillus, vulval trichomonad or multi-infection. At a bartholinitis alien microorganisms strike an output channel of bartolinovy gland and fabric of the gland.

Bartholinitis symptoms:

On a clinical current  distinguish a bartholinitis:

• acute;
• chronic;
• false abscess (can be primary - at a purulent canaliculitis, secondary - at suppuration of earlier formed cyst);
• true abscess.

Bartholinitis symptoms.

At the very beginning of a disease the inflammation of an output channel of bartolinovy gland develops  (canaliculitis) which is followed by reddening of an opening of the output channel which is located near a threshold in a vagina on small vulvar lips insignificant mucopurulent allocations appear. Skin of small vulvar lips near an opening of an output channel is slightly softened. At the same time the increased output channel of gland can be probed. As a rule, defeat of bartolinovy gland has unilateral character, at the same time all local symptoms take place on the party of defeat.  

After a while the secret of bartolinovy gland is condensed and its output channel is corked – there is a bartholinitis (inflammatory process extends to gland fabrics). The inflammation of bartolinovy gland begins with a stage of a swelling (infiltration), however at this stage the bartholinitis can terminate – the inflammation spontaneously calms down, at the same time there is an infiltrate rassasyvaniye, and there occurs self-healing. If self-healing did not happen, there is an obstruction of an output channel of bartolinovy gland that leads to formation  of a cyst or abscess  in which purulent contents contain. Gland becomes painful at a palpation, there is an embarrassment during walking, at sexual intercourse. At distribution of inflammatory process on gland and the cellulose surrounding it true abscess (primary abscess) is formed. False abscess is formed for the second time – at suppuration of the cyst existing earlier. Abscess call  the purulent inflammation of fabrics connected with formation of the cavity filled with pus and limited by a cover – the abscess capsule.

Primary symptoms of emergence of a bartholinitis: at emergence of a swelling feelings of a pricking in this area, insignificant painful feelings are possible during sexual intercourse, burning sensation. At suppuration of bartolinovy gland there is an increase it in sizes (the increased gland can have five centimeters a diameter more). At an acute bartholinitis there is sharp fervescence to 40ºС, at the same time the general weakness is observed, reddening, a swelling and sharp morbidity in a projection of a middle part of vulvar lips from the struck gland is locally noted. The increased gland is stuck out inside in relation to a surface of small vulvar lips; as a result of hypostasis the sexual crack gets a form of a sickle which camber is turned to healthy bartolinovy gland. There is a symptom of "fluctuation": at a palpation existence in gland of the moving liquid contents – pus is felt. In hard cases the bartholinitis  can cause increase in inguinal lymph nodes.

Most often there is a spontaneous vskryvaniye of abscess and the expiration suppurating outside then the condition of the patient sharply improves: body temperature falls, morbidity of vulvar lips disappears.

Transition of an acute bartholinitis to chronic is sometimes possible. The chronic bartholinitis as any chronic disease, is characterized by the frequent periods of aggravations alternating with remissions. Aggravations are caused by periods, overcoolings, existence in an organism of other infectious diseases. During the periods of remissions the disease does not cause negative symptomatology, however during the periods of aggravations of women insignificant pains in the field of the struck gland, unpleasant feelings sometimes disturb at sexual intercourse, inconvenience when walking, emergence of morbidity at palpation of elastic education in the field of one of small vulvar lips. At the same time the general state remains satisfactory, body temperature, as a rule, remains normal and only in rare instances can increase to subfebrile.

Клинические проявления бартолинита

Clinical manifestations of a bartholinitis

Bartholinitis reasons:

The bartholinitis usually arises at penetration of the infected allocations  from a vagina or an urethra in an outside opening of an output channel of gland, and then – and in gland. It arises at insufficient observance of rules of personal hygiene, at venereal diseases, at chaotic sex life, can arise when weakening an organism (avitaminosis, stresses, decrease in immunity, associated diseases of an organism, overcooling) and also as a complication after carrying out surgeries, abortions.

The main function of bartolinovy gland – development of a secret which main component is slime. This secret constantly moistens the woman's vagina, preventing its dryness. Work of bartolinovy glands is connected with hormonal fluctuations in the woman's organism. During the premenstrual period of mucous allocations it is more, during the usual period of a cycle – it is less, during a climax and after the operations connected with removal of a uterus and appendages, production of slime almost completely stops therefore the mucous membrane of a vagina becomes dry, on it there are small cracks which are followed by an itch.

Treatment of the Bartholinitis:

Treatment of a bartholinitis at an early stage includes stopping of inflammatory process: rest, cold, antibacterial drugs - Amoxiclav, combinations of an ampioks, an ofloksatsin or a vilprafen with Trichopolum.
      If abscess is formed, process does not manage to be stopped, then there is its opening and drainage.
      For prevention of a recurrence immunomodulators are used: виферон, тактивин, Thymalinum.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Bartholinitis:

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