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Pandactylitis - the heaviest kind of a complication of a felon which is shown total it is purulent - necrotic defeat of soft and dense structures of phalanxes of fingers of a brush: skeleton, tendinous device, copular сумочных interphalanx educations, hypodermic cellulose and skin. It should be noted that skin is the fabric, steadiest against an infection, at all clinical kinds of a felon, without excluding also a pandactylitis.

Pandactylitis reasons:

It the virulent infection which was implemented in is the reason attract a finger as a result of wound. However perhaps noshiknoveny a pandactylitis and from simple forms of a felon, in particular hypodermic.

Pandactylitis symptoms:

The pandactylitis proceeds hard, is followed by the expressed intoxication (headaches, the increased body temperature), a regional lymphangitis, kubitalny and axillary lymphadenitis. In peripheral blood of an imrazhena of change, characteristic for acute purulent a paleniye nose. The pandactylitis develops gradually. At development of a pandactylitis of pain gradually amplify and gain intensive, painful, arching character. Edematous finger of blue-crimson color. Inflammatory process develops as a wet and dry necrosis. From fistulas or postoperative wounds the scanty purulent discharge, granulations lifeless is allocated. The palpation of a finger is painful, the attempt to the movement involves sharp strengthening of pains. A condition of patients will worsen, body temperature increases, there are pains in a brush, hypostasis and a hyperemia of fabrics increase and extend in the proximal direction. Only immediate operative measure is capable to stop progressing of pyoinflammatory process.



Рентгенограмма при пандактилите

The roentgenogram at a pandactylitis

Treatment of a pandactylitis:

Treatment of a pandactylitis stationary. A wide section bare and excise nekrotizirovanny fabrics (skin, cellulose, sinews, sites of a bone) and provide free outflow of pus. During the subsequent bandagings the wound is washed out antiseptic agents, enter antibiotics, enzymes. The immobilization of a brush and fingers is obligatory. After subsiding of pyoinflammatory process carry out additional excision of devitalized fabrics, amputation or an ekzartikulyapiya of a finger. Quite often he manages to be kept.

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