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The vesiculitis (Latin of vesicula – a bubble) is an inflammation of seed bubbles. As a rule, the vesiculitis does not meet separately. Most often the vesiculitis develops as a complication of other disease of infectious and inflammatory character. Usually the vesiculitis is combined with such urinogenital diseases as prostatitis, an urethritis, an orchitis.
The vesiculitis is caused by an infection which gets to seed bubbles gematogenno, kanalikulyarno or limfogenno through a seminiferous flow. At the general infectious disease the gonococcal or staphylococcal infection, colibacillus or other microorganisms can cause a vesiculitis.

Vesiculitis symptoms:

Symptoms of a vesiculitis depend on that, in a chronic or acute form the disease is shown.

Acute vesiculitis:

Sharp pain in a groin, a sacrum, area of an anus, in the bottom of a stomach;
High temperature, fever;
Headache, increased fatigue;
Strengthening of urodynias, defecations and ejaculations;
The speeded-up urination;
Frequent night erections;
Hypospermia (blood impurity in sperm).
Chronic vesiculitis:

Periodically arising pains in inguinal area, in a sacrum, a crotch, area of an anus;
The speeded-up urination;
Painful erections;
Decline in quality of an orgasm up to its disappearance;
The accelerated and painful ejaculation;
Ultrasonic diagnosis, rectal research, the general blood tests and urine, crops of a secret of seed bubbles, a spermogram is necessary for diagnosis of a vesiculitis.

Vesiculitis reasons:

Overcooling of an organism;
Dejectedness of immune system;
Hypodynamia, long stay in a sitting position;
Long sexual abstinence;
Excessive sexual activity;
Improper feeding and, as a result, locks.

Treatment of the Vesiculitis:

If the acute vesiculitis is diagnosed, treatment is begun with use of antibiotics of a broad spectrum of activity. Apply anesthetics and purgatives. After decrease in body temperature begin physiotherapeutic procedures. Appoint hot bathtubs, hot microclysters, massage of seed bubbles.

In cases of suppuration an operative measure is necessary. Seed bubbles punktirut, delete pus, insert a drainage tube into a cavity. In some cases opening of an abscess or removal of a seed bubble is necessary (vesiculectomy).

At treatment of a chronic vesiculitis antibacterial therapy and physiotherapeutic procedures is appointed. In the absence of effect washing of a cavity of seed bubbles and their puncture is made.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Vesiculitis:

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