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Cavernitis - an inflammation of cavernous bodies of a penis. At a cavernitis in one of cavernous bodies inflammatory infiltrate is formed that is shown by emergence of painful consolidation in a penis.

Cavernitis reasons:

The cavernitis can develop owing to:
penis injuries with a rupture of one of cavernous bodies;
acute urethritis;
any pyoinflammatory disease (quinsy, osteomyelitis).

Cavernitis symptoms:

The disease begins sharply, suddenly. There is a phallodynia which can have very expressed character. The penis increases, his skin becomes red, edematous. There can be an erection which is not connected with sexual excitement. At the same time the patient has general symptoms of an inflammatory disease - a headache, oznoba, weakness, fervescence.

If no medical events are held, the infiltrate formed in a cavernous body can suppurate. In this case abscess of a cavernous body which quickly breaks in an urethra gleam is formed. Vposledstviye on site of abscess expands cicatricial fabric, and it leads to a chordee at an erection that can cause strong inconveniences or in general makes impossible sexual intercourse.

Treatment of a cavernitis:

It is carried out surely in hospital because of danger of development of the described complications. Treatment of the basic disease which led to development of a cavernitis, a course of antibacterial therapy is carried out. The drugs having resorptional effect are in addition used. When the acute phase of an inflammation passes, resort to local thermal and physiotherapeutic procedures. If abscess of a cavernous body developed, it is opened and drained.

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