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Pseudotuberculosis (the Far East scarlatiniform fever) — the acute infectious saprozoonozny  disease which is characterized by fever, intoxication, damage of a small intestine, liver, quite often scarlatiniform rash.

Pseudotuberculosis symptoms:

The localized form.

Happens in 70-80% of cases. The beginning is acute, temperature increases till 38-39, the fever, abdominal pains, vomiting, diarrhea to 12 times a day — a chair liquid, brown-green, fetid, foamy, can be present blood and slime (at damage of a large intestine). There can be damages of joints, rashes in the form of small knots, an erythema, and the hepatitis phenomenon. Also there are general symptoms — a persistent headache, weakness, mialgiya, arthralgias. Development of dehydration is possible. At patients the injection of scleras, conjunctivas, a hyperemia of a soft palate is observed. In language a white plaque which in 2 weeks becomes crimson. Also there can be sites of a hyperemia as "gloves", "sock", "hood".

At a terminal ileitis — severe pains in the right ileal area, constant character, intensive. Radiological — a rope symptom in a small intestine (narrowing of a distal part of a small intestine is considerable).

At a mesadenitis constant pains, lymph nodes of a mesentery with formation of infiltrates are increased.

Artralgichesky form.

Happens without diarrhea and rash, in this case often put mistakenly rheumatism. It is characteristic: joint pains, rash and gastrointestinal tract disease. In the general blood test a leukocytosis of 10-15 thousand with shift of a leykoformula to the left, SOE 20-30 ммчас.

Generalized form.

Temperature 38-40, the expressed weakness, vomiting. From the first days there is melkopyatnisty asymmetric rash, conjunctivitis, increase in a liver and spleen, Padalki's symptom (shortening of a percussion sound in ileal area because of a hyperadenosis). In blood a leukocytosis of 20-30 thousand, SOE of 40-50 mm/h. About 2-3 weeks urtikarny and makkulezny rash on extremities, a nodal erythema in large joints. Since the 4th week recovery — on site rashes a skin peeling, on palms and feet lamellar.

Septic option.

People with immunodeficiencies have temperature is 39-40, remittiruyushchy character, an oznoba, perspiration. Anemia, a leukocytosis of 20-30 thousand, SOE to the 70th martyr is characteristic. Disease duration from several months to one year. A lethality of this form to 40%.


  1. pneumonia
  2. polyarthritis
  3. purulent damages of internals
  4. myocardites
  5. osteomyelites

Кожные покровы при псевдотуберкулез

Integuments at a pseudotuberculosis

Pseudotuberculosis reasons:

The main way of infection — alimentary.
People, rodents, cows, goats are ill. Sheep and horses are also susceptible.  Rats and mice extend. People of any age are ill. The peak of incidence — winter, spring.

Treatment of the Pseudotuberculosis:

Diet — a table 4. Causal antibacterial treatment (gentamycin, levomycetinum, furasolidone, doxycycline). Desintoxication, regidratation, antihistaminic drugs, NPVS, symptomatic treatment.

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