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Vulvitis - an inflammation of outside female generative organs. At women of reproductive age the vulvitis more often is secondary at a colpitis, a cervicitis, an endometritis, an adnexitis.

Vulvitis reasons:

Primary vulvitis is diagnosed at a diabetes mellitus, various skin diseases, thermal, mechanical, chemical injuries of skin of external genitals. The hypo-ovaria also causes development of a vulvitis.

Vulvitis symptoms:

Distinguish an acute and chronic vulvitis. Acute process is followed by hypostasis of fabrics, a diffusion hyperemia sites of inguinal folds, the internal surface of hips, sometimes increase in inguinal lymph nodes in which the lymph from external genitals preferential flows. Quite often the vulvitis is combined with the sharp-pointed condylomas located in the field of a sexual crack and an anus.
Patients complain of burning and an itch in external genitals; especially after an urination, purulent discharges, pain at the movements.
The chronic vulvitis is also shown by an itch, burning and a hyperemia, however these symptoms have the erased character.
Diagnosis is based on data of the anamnesis (somatopathies, non-compliance with rules of sexual hygiene, traumatic damages), assessment of complaints, results of gynecologic survey, data of a bakterioskopichesky and bacteriological research of a vulvar secret.

Кандидозный вульвит - один из варантов вульвита

Candidosis vulvitis - one of warrants of a vulvitis

Treatment of the Vulvitis:

Treatment - complex, includes use of local and fortifying means. Treatment of associated diseases (a diabetes mellitus, pustulous defeats, helminthoses, a cervicitis) against the background of which the vulvitis quite often develops is shown.
At an acute vulvitis it is necessary to observe a bed rest, abstention from sex life, 2 - 3 times a day to carry out a toilet of outside
generative organs warm solution of potassium of permanganate (1:10 000), warm infusion of a camomile (to fill in 1 tablespoon of a camomile with a glass of boiled water and to insist within 20 min.), 2 - 3% solution of boric acid. It is possible to foment with solution of Furacilin (1:5000) 3 - 4 of time a day, in the presence of a severe itch apply 5% anestezinovy ointment, recommend sedentary bathtubs from potassium permanganate or infusion of a camomile 2 - 3 times a day 10 min.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Vulvitis:

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