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Osteitis - the jawbone inflammation which is going beyond a periodontium of one tooth and characterized by development of exudative and hyperemic reactions in the marrowy spaces counterbalanced with diffusion resorptive and reparative processes in a bone tissue and a periosteum.

Osteitis symptoms:

The acute osteitis begins with emergence of gnathalgias in a tooth projection with the destroyed crown hypostasis, a hyperemia as mucous membrane in a zone of a transitional fold Develop, and skin Hypostasis of fabrics is quickly transformed to infiltrate At this stage process is characterized by a thickening of the soft tissues surrounding a jaw, morbidity at the palpation expressed by a hyperemia, hypostasis and infiltration When tooth - an infection source - the lower painter, opening of a mouth is often complicated body temperature Increases Percussion of tooth is painful

The clinical picture at the beginning of a disease, in fact, is identical at first to an exacerbation of chronic periodontitis, and then a periostitis Primary diagnoses, as a rule, and correspond to these nosological forms. At further development of process can occur suppuration of the infiltrate surrounding a bone, and formation of phlegmon - a state, equivalent to a purulent periostitis. After assistance inflammatory changes within several days abate. Infiltration remains during 1-2 weeks after intervention. At height of process reaction of lymph nodes - from their increase up to suppuration and abscessing can be observed that worsens a clinical picture and recognition of process. The general state depends on the developed secondary damages of the soft tissues (a periostitis, phlegmon, abscess) surrounding a bone.

Гистологическое строение разжежающего остита

Histologic structure of the liquefying osteitis

Osteitis reasons:

The injury or infection is an origin.

Treatment of the Osteitis:

All cases of the burdened premorbidal background, numerous inflammatory processes in this zone, existence of badly remained crown, temporary teeth, impossibility of dynamic observation, negative dynamics are the obligatory indication to an odontectomy - an infection source. In other cases drainage via the channel of a root using one of techniques of conservative and surgical treatment At development of purulent processes in surrounding soft tissues is admissible provide drainage of the centers. At the same time it is necessary to appoint antibiotics (average therapeutic doses), streptocides, Trichopolum, hyposensibilizing and physical therapy, including impact on the center laser radiation.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Osteitis:

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