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Alveolitis — very disease state which development is possible in several days after operation of an odontectomy. This acute inflammation of a bone of a hole.

Alveolitis reasons:

Infection of a hole is the reason of an inflammation. As a natural protective barrier from such infection serves the blood clot which is immediately formed in a hole after an odontectomy. Thus, everything that prevents formation of a normal blood clot, can cause an alveolitis (for example, infection of a blood clot, disturbance of its education or its mechanical destruction).

Infection of a blood clot happens at bad hygiene of an oral cavity, as a rule, in the presence of a parodontalny pocket with purulent separated. At the same time a large number of microbes which suppress protective properties of white blood cells gets into a hole, destroy a blood clot and cause an acute inflammation. Preoperative carrying out professional hygiene can prevent development of an alveolitis. To prevent infection, in addition to professional toothbrushing or in addition to it, applications of iodine or a hlogeksidin before operation in the field of a gingival furrow can.

Disturbance of formation of a blood clot can happen during difficult removal during which there is excessive pressure upon a bone and blood vessels collapse. It is more characteristic of operations on a mandible because here the layer of a compact bone is slightly thicker, than on an upper jaw.

Mechanical destruction of a blood clot happens at frequent rinsing of a mouth after an odontectomy.

Alveolitis symptoms:

As a rule, the disease begins on the second, sometimes the third day after removal. In the extracted tooth there are unpleasant feelings in the form of the non-constant aching pain which amplifies during food. In a tooth hole the blood clot is broken or at all is absent, there are food remains. The general state in an initial stage of a disease is not broken, body temperature normal. As well as any inflammatory process, at further development, is followed by fervescence which in difficult cases can reach 38,5 degrees. Therefore if after visit of the stomatologist you had even insignificant temperature, it is an occasion to see a doctor. There is a wish to note that after an odontectomy on its place pain is always felt, but it should not bring considerable discomfort. At an alveolitis severe pain, over time it accrues and can be felt on all side of the inflamed area. From a mouth unpleasant, even pungent smell is often noted. Submaxillary lymph nodes increase and become painful to the touch.

Альволит после удаления зуба

Alvolit after an odontectomy

Treatment of an alveolitis:

Treatment of an alveolitis is directed to decrease in pain and to protection of a hole during its healing. It is reached by washing of a hole, imposing of a bandage for decrease in pain and prevention of hit of food, and also reception of the anesthetizing drugs.

The hole can be washed out by means of solution of salt or any antiseptic agent. As a bandage the gauze impregnated with tsinkoksidevgenolny paste is most often used. However there are many types of bandages which choice is made by the dentist.

If the blood clot is absent, then it is recommended to patients, as often as possible to do warm salt trays that promotes decrease in pain and bystry healing of a hole. At this stage warm solution of salt disinfects an oral cavity and increases blood inflow, thus, creating favorable conditions for healing. Stopping of pain is possible aspirin or paracetamol, in the presence of an infection accept metronidazole.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Alveolitis:

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