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Ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis


Ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis of Vincent - the inflammation of a gingiva and mucous membrane which is characterized by dominance of an alterativny component, disturbance of an integrity of fabrics, their necrosis and an ulceration

Symptoms of the Ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis:

During a disease allocate five periods (incubatory, prodromal, a heat, fading and recovery).

After a short incubation interval prodromal develops. There is an indisposition, body temperature increases. On a gingiva (in a marginal part, gingival nipples) the catarrh phenomena are observed. Patients feel an itch, burning. Then intoxication accrues, body temperature increases to 39 °C. Gingiva a tsianotichna, is loosened, tops of gingival nipples are ulcerated. Necrotic defeat quite often extends to nearby sites of a mucous membrane of cheeks, a hard palate, pharynx, almonds, sometimes taking all mucous membrane of an oral cavity. Lymph submaxillary nodes are increased, painful.

Клинические проявления язвенно-некротического гингивостоматита

Clinical manifestations of an ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis

Reasons of the Ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis:

Development of pathological process is caused by decrease in the immunological status of an organism, a hypovitaminosis With and an infection (fuzospirillyarny symbiosis). Infestants - anaerobic microflora (Vincent's spirochete, Spirocheta buccal is, fuzobakteriya and small treponemas). They are in carious cavities, parodontalny pockets, crypts of palatine tonsils and are saprophytic microflora. The ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis of Vincent can join flu, quinsy, diseases of upper respiratory tracts, and also blood diseases (a leukosis, an agranulocytosis), poisoning with heavy metals, syphilis, tuberculosis, AIDS, a tumor in a disintegration stage.

To bowl persons of young age are ill. There can be epidemic splashes in ulcer and necrotic stomatitis ("a trench disease").

Treatment of the Ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis:

First aid by a sick ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis of Vincent has to be directed to removal of pain, reduction of the phenomena of intoxication. For impact on a mephitic gangrene inside appoint metronidazole - on 0,25 g 3 - 4 times a day, Tinidazolum - 4 tablets on 0,5 g in 1 reception. The desensibilizing means (Diazolinum - on 0,1 g 2 times a day, Dimedrol - on 0,1 g 2 times a day), analgetics and a complex of vitamins are shown.

Locally apply antiseptic agents and anesthetics. A soft plaque an etoniya, 0,2% solution of a hlorgeksidin remove 3% solution of peroxide of hydrogen, 0,1% permanganate potassium solution, solutions of Furacilin (1:5000) and Aethacridinum of a lactate, 0,5% solution. Nekrotizirovanny sites of a mucous membrane process the proteolytic enzymes (trypsin, chymotrypsin, Terrilytinum) divorced in isotonic solution of sodium of chloride or the emulsions containing enzymes, трихонол and also ointments (Iruxolum). In a reparative stage apply vitamin and keratoplastichesky means.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Ulcer and necrotic gingivostomatitis:

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