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Vulvodiniya is pain in a vulva and a vagina at women which reason it is not possible to establish. Vulvodiniya is not connected with an infection, an allergy, an injury and other defined factors, and this diagnosis can be made only after an exception of other diseases or states capable to cause painful feelings in this area.

Vulvodiniya reasons:

At a vulvodiniya the same mechanism of disturbances, as is the cornerstone of pain at other neyropatiya. Assume that can be causative factors genetic and immune.

Vulvodiniya symptoms:

The main and only symptom of a vulvodiniya is pain in external genitals and an entrance to a vagina. Pain can have the most various character (burning, the pricking, pulsing, pruritic pain), can be a constant or arise from pressure and at sexual intercourse. Pain can give to a crotch, an anus, an urethra, the internal surface of hips.

Treatment of a vulvodiniya:

Drug treatment. At a vulvodiniya use antidepressants, means for treatment of neyropatiya, the local anesthetizing gels or sprays, novocainic blockade.

Physiotreatment. Special manual technicians, an elektromiostimulyation are applied.

Reflexotherapy. Acupuncture is in certain cases effective.

Surgical treatment. In hard cases, when there is no effect of other means, resort to removal of that part of generative organs in which excessive morbidity is observed.

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