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Paraphimosis (from Greek πᾰρά and  — "muzzle"; also "national" names "stranglehold", "Spanish collar") — the morbid condition consisting in infringement of a balanus a ring of the narrowed prepuce displaced for a head are known. The paraphimosis is a possible complication of a phymosis (inborn or acquired). In the absence of adequate treatment of a paraphimosis in a balanus the developments of stagnation leading to its necrosis in this connection this pathology demands urgent treatment develop.

Paraphimosis symptoms:

The main effects of a disease (which at the same time are also symptoms) – disturbance of blood supply in an organism and acute unpleasant feelings in a penis, and also the painful or complicated urination.

  During consultation the urologist establishes penis head hypostasis degree, its color. Emergence of sores is characteristic of the last stage of an illness, as a result of a palpation the balanus is condensed and can be painful.

Парафимоз полового члена

Penis paraphimosis

Paraphimosis reasons:

Development of a paraphimosis is preceded most often by the available phymosis. The narrowed prepuce can be displaced for a head at the sexual intercourse or masturbation. Development of a paraphimosis is possible also as a result of any medical manipulations on a penis demanding "opening" of a head for long time (for example, catheterization of a bladder or a tsistoskopiya); at the same time prepuce edematization with the subsequent its narrowing is possible. At early age the paraphimosis can develop in connection with physiologically small sizes of a prepuce.

At a paraphimosis venous outflow from a head is broken, it increases in sizes and becomes blue, in a penis severe pain develops. The diagnosis does not represent difficulties according to external survey.

Treatment of the Paraphimosis:

At early stages of development of a paraphimosis perhaps conservative treatment consisting in "reposition" of a head  (before this manipulation it is desirable to carry out cooling, anesthesia, head lubricant with any lubricant, usually — a liquid paraffin; perhaps also removal of edematous liquid by means of a puncture or use of a so-called "osmotic way" when swelled heads and a prepuce decreases by means of applications of solutions of neutral substances, for example, of glucose, high concentration). At impossibility of conservative treatment urgent operation which non-performance threatens with heavy complications (a head necrosis, gangrene) is shown. As a rule, carry out a section of the restraining ring (so-called "dorzalny incision") of a prepuce with the subsequent reposition of a head. Afterwards (after fall of hypostasis of fabrics of a prepuce) two rags of a prepuce can be sewed back, but carry out its cutting off with sewing up of internal and outside its leaves behind a head more often (such operation yields the same result, as usual trimming). If the condition of soft tissues does not inspire fears, then dorzalny incision and cutting off of a prepuce are carried out in one step.

At the developed necrosis of a head make a peotomy.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Paraphimosis:

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