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Phymosis – narrowing of skin of a prepuce of a penis at which the exposure of a balanus is impossible.

The phymosis can be physiological (normal) or pathological (abnormal), it can also be inborn and acquired.

Phymosis symptoms:

- Narrowing of a prepuce is defined, and it is impossible to bare a balanus, due to formation of a cicatricial phymosis.
- Sometimes there is a morbidity, discomfort at an urination, under the pressure of urine "ball" on the end of a penis in view of impossibility of an exposure of a balanus is inflated. At the same time urine is emitted with a thin stream.
- The hypertrophic phymosis, this disease is characterized by an excess prepuce, its thickening and loss of elasticity that complicates full removal of a balanus.
- Pain at an erection.

Phymosis reasons:

Most often the phymosis happens inborn. The so-called physiological phymosis or impossibility of opening of a balanus and full shift of a prepuce occurs practically at 96% of newborn boys which, as a rule passes by 6-7 years. Another matter the acquired phymosis or loss of elasticity of a prepuce as a result of any diseases or injuries.

At a phymosis it is impossible to bare a balanus. It excludes an opportunity to carry out a regular toilet. Except a smegma in a preputial bag (space between a balanus and an internal surface of a leaf of an extreme polota) there are urine drops which contain crystals of salts and a bacterium. All this creates ideal conditions for development of inflammatory process on an internal surface of a leaf of a prepuce and a balanus.

Most often the pathological phymosis develops as a result of a chronic inflammation of a balanus and a prepuce (a balanitis, a balanoposthitis) which can be caused, including infections, sexually transmitted.

Treatment of the Phymosis:

Prevention of a phymosis is regular hygiene of a penis (not less than 2 times a day) which consists in prepuce skin shift to a root of a penis and washing of a head water.

Surgical treatment of a phymosis – trimming. Trimming - it operational treatment on excision of skin of a prepuce is carried out under local and the general anesteziyama.

After operation performance intimate health of the man and woman is not put at risks described above.

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