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Spine injuries


Spine injuries – rather frequent pathology also makes today 17 – 25% of all traumatic damages. Besides, in 20 – 35% of cases the spine injury is combined with damage of a spinal cord which passes directly in vertebrae. Then such injury is called pozvonochno – spinal and, as a rule, has serious effects for health of the person.

Symptoms of Spine injuries:

It is possible to classify spine injuries by several criteria:

  1. On localization:

- injuries of cervical department of a backbone;
— injuries of chest department of a backbone;
— injuries of lumbar department of a backbone;
— the combined spine injuries (several departments at the same time are surprised);

  2. On involvement in process of a spinal cord:
      — with injury of a spinal cord;
      — without injury of a spinal cord;
      3.  On defeat depth:
      — getting (with injury of skin and underlying structures);
      — not getting (skin remains whole);
      4. By the form injuries:
      — backbone bruise;
      — dislocations of vertebrae;
      — spinal fracture;
      — rupture of a backbone;

The pain localized in the place of damage or poured on all back and symptoms of neurologic pathology will be the main clinical displays of spine injuries. Even if directly spinal cord is not injured, effects of a spine injury and surrounding fabrics will cause hypostasis which will squeeze the spinal cord or nerves departing from it.

Dysfunction of a spinal cord will be shown differently depending on localization of an injury:

— the most serious and life-threatening symptoms will appear at an injury of cervical department of a backbone: disturbance of breath and cordial activity up to a stop, paralysis of all body, disturbance of functions of internals. Easier defeats are shown by decrease in an animal force of extremities and trunks, disorders of sensitivity. There can be a spastic muscle tension (continuous increase in a tone because of damage of the nerves bearing impulses to muscles). It limits and hinders the movements, and at a long hyper tone there are changes of structure, substitution by connecting fabric and shortening of muscles which remains for the rest of life.

- injuries of chest department of a backbone are shown by symptoms of disturbance of movements and sensitivity of hands and a thorax, sometimes – legs. Pain will be localized  in a backbone, to give to the area of heart. Also there can be painful deep breaths or exhalations.

— damages of lumbar department of a backbone are characterized by weakening of an animal force or paralysis of the lower extremities, sensitive frustration, decrease in force of reflexes, the spastika phenomena are possible. Function of urinogenital system, in the form of a delay of an urination or an incontience of urine, decrease in sensitivity of a crotch and generative organs, is also often broken by erectile dysfunction.

The situation when the spine injury occurs in several places at the same time is rather often observed, then symptoms will be mixed and to answer affected areas.

Reasons of Spine injuries:

Origins of spine injuries are very different and often are directly connected with modern development of technologies: high-speed cars, high-rise buildings, high rate of life. The most widespread among them:

- injury of "diver". It arises when the person jumps "small fish" in a reservoir, without knowing a bottom relief. At immersion in water the diver hits against invisible barriers (stones, a small bottom) the head, it is thrown back, and under the influence of body weight  there is traumatization of cervical department of a backbone.

— road transport incidents. In this case the person can be traumatized, being both in the car, and as the pedestrian.

— falling from height is always followed by injury of a back, but an injury especially serious if the victim lands on legs. Then the backbone is sharply influenced by the body weight force strengthened by falling and there is compression (from a prelum) spinal fracture.

— also fire, knife or other types of wounds can be the reasons of injuries of a back. Here the place of defeat and its permeability matters.

Механизм травм позвоночника

Mechanism of spine injuries

Treatment of Spine injuries:

By means of modern techniques and knowledge of the field of physiotherapy exercises, manual therapy, reflexotherapy perhaps considerable recovery of the lost functions. If you had a spine injury, surely  address the specialist on consultation, it is not dependent on prescription of damage and its manifestations. Even if after an injury you do not note any effects, they can be shown later therefore regular visit of the doctor is an indispensable condition of full rehabilitation. The earlier after an injury it is begun recovering treatment, the it will be more effective because pathological changes of muscles and bones are still reversible. But also chronic injuries, at correctly picked up treatment, can be recovered quite successfully.

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