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Barotrauma (Greek baros weight + trauma damage)
damages of the bodies containing the air or gases (a drum cavity, lungs, adnexal bosoms of a nose) caused by sharp changes (differences) of atmospheric pressure.

Barotrauma symptoms:

Most sensitively to a barotrauma a middle ear which damage has character of a baro-otitis. Appear an acute pain in an ear, frontal and maxillary (Highmore's) sinuses, feeling of a congestion in ears. The hearing impairment is observed, at an otoskopiya the hyperemia of a tympanic membrane, and in some cases its gap which can be followed by bleeding from an ear is found.
Barotrauma of lungs — damage of pulmonary fabric owing to increase in intra pulmonary pressure at bystry falling of external pressure (at kessonshchik — from raised to normal, at pilots — from normal to lowered) At victims the general weakness, stethalgias, cough with a bloody foamy phlegm, hypodermic emphysema in a neck and a breast, tachycardia, cyanosis of visible mucous membranes and skin, shallow frequent breathing, wet rattles are noted. The most terrible symptoms testimonial of an air vascular embolism of a brain, the loss of consciousness, spasms, paresis and paralyzes, vision disorders are.

Barotrauma reasons:

Can arise during the lacunar and diving works (as a production injury), occupations underwater sport, depressurizations of the airplane flying at the big height, flights in balloons, medical procedures or trainings in pressures chamber and sharp differences of external barometric pressure during firing. It also disturbance of barofunction (Barofunction) can be the cause.  

Treatment of the Barotrauma:

At an ear barotrauma the wound surface at a rupture of a tympanic membrane is processed solutions of disinfectants further (within 2 — 3 days) reasonablly to dig in vasodilating drugs in a nose. The baro-otitis with a rupture of a tympanic membrane can be complicated by acute purulent Otitis.  Prevention consists in non-admission to the works connected with changes of barometric pressure, persons with the broken ear barofunction, diseases of upper respiratory tracts and adnexal bosoms of a nose.
At a barotrauma of lungs  for prevention of a possible air vascular embolism of a brain and coronal arteries of heart of the victim stack facedown, slightly turn on the left side and raise the foot end of a bed. Intravenously enter calcium chloride solution, appoint Vikasolum, cardiacs. In perhaps earlier terms the medical recompression which is widely applied at a compressed-air disease is necessary

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