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Belongs, as well as all leukoencephalites, to group of demyelinating diseases of a nervous system which pathomorphologic feature is diffusion or gnezdny disintegration of a myelin at relative safety of axial cylinders. Preferential defeat of white matter of a brain also defined the name of this disease as a leukoencephalitis.

On the nature of defeat of a myelin distinguish miyelinoklasti-chesky and leykodistrofichesky type of demyelinating diseases. In the first case there is a destruction of a myelin, in the second — exchange of a myelin in connection with hereditarily the caused enzymatic defect is broken. The leukoencephalitis belongs to miyelinoklastichesky type. In the course of clarification of an etiology of a leukoencephalitis there was an opinion on participation of this disease in the slow infections connected with latent long-term experience of a virus in an organism (a virus of a herpes simplex, measles, etc.). Its activation happens under the influence of a number of factors. At hit in a nervous system the becoming more active slow viruses cause development of acute or chronically progreduated process. Except defeat of white matter at a leukoencephalitis dystrophic changes and in nervous cells are observed.

Leukoencephalitis symptoms:

The most characteristic localization of process — basal kernels. Associative bonds between brain shares are surprised that defines the dominating role of disturbances of mentality in a clinical picture of a leukoencephalitis.

The disease affects mainly children's age. Begins slowly, usually after some postponed infection. Children become sluggish, gradually they reduce memory, the highest cortical functions are broken (the letter, the account, праксис, etc.), weak-mindedness accrues. In some cases the shizofrenopodobny syndrome — negativism, autism, a paradoxicality of emotions develops.

Early and typical symptom of a leukoencephalitis are epileptiform attacks with bystry disintegration of the personality (even at rare and not heavy attacks). At leukoencephalites various motive frustration are observed: spastic paralyzes and paresis, hyperkinesias, pseudobulbar and bulbar syndromes.

Course of a disease steadily progressing. Average duration — 1,5 — 2 years. The lethal outcome comes at the phenomena of a cerebrate rigidity, the epileptic status, the central disorders of breath.

Distinguish several clinical forms of a leukoencephalitis. Van-Bogart's leukoencephalitis and Shilder's leukoencephalitis meet more often. First of all the accruing weak-mindedness, epileptiform attacks, extrapyramidal symptoms are characteristic of Van-Bogart's leukoencephalitis. At a leukoencephalitis е Shildera — is more often paresis and paralyzes, a vision disorder or at the expense of demyelination of fibers of an optic nerve (retrobulbar neuritis), or due to defeat of subcortical white matter of an occipital share.

Leukoencephalitis reasons:

It is supposed that Van-Bogart's panencephalitis is caused by a measles virus which the long time can persistirovat in neurons of a brain and be activated under certain conditions. Some researchers consider Shilder's leukoencephalitis as option of multiple sclerosis at children. The acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis quite often arises after preventive inoculations. The pathogeny is not clear. Giperergichesky autoimmune process in which viruses possess a releaser role is supposed.

Treatment of the Leukoencephalitis:

Apply the antiinflammatory, desensibilizing means, anticonvulsant drugs, vitamins, amino acids to treatment of a leukoencephalitis.

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