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The balanoposthitis — (греч balanos - a balanus + posthion - a prepuce + ит), and an internal leaf of a prepuce (posts) an inflammation of skin of a balanus (balanitis).

Balanoposthitis symptoms:

itch in the field of a prepuce;
burning in the field of a head and a prepuce;
reddening and puffiness of a balanus and prepuce;
purulent discharge from a preputial bag, or a smegma with an unpleasant smell;
white curdled allocations or plaque at a candidosis balanoposthitis
difficulty and morbidity at an exposure of a balanus
in connection with constant irritation of a balanus which is the main erogenous zone at patients with a balanoposthitis sexual excitability increases;
there is pain or unpleasant feelings in a head during sexual intercourse
there is a weakness, body temperature slightly increases.
In the absence of treatment the lymphangitis - an inflammation of absorbent vessels of a penis develops that is shown by emergence of red strips on its dorsum. Further pakhovy lymphadenitis (an inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes) and penis gangrene can develop.

Balanoposthitis reasons:

The main reason for an inflammation of a balanus and prepuce is accumulation of a smegma which is a medium for microorganisms. Also the balanitis and a balanoposthitis are promoted by inflammatory diseases of an urethra (urethritis), purulent diseases of skin of a penis, a venereal and hard ulcer, the breaking-up penis tumor. Much less often the purulent urethritis, allergic reaction, a diabetes mellitus can become the reason of a balanoposthitis.

Most often a factor which leads to emergence of a balanoposthitis is the phymosis — narrowing of a prepuce.

Treatment of the Balanoposthitis:

It is necessary to be treated for a balanoposthitis. If disease did not reach a severe form, treatment consists only in a regular careful toilet of a balanus with soap, with weak solutions of peroxide of hydrogen, potassium permanganate, Furacilin. In more hard cases it is necessary to resort to a course of antibacterial therapy.

If development of a disease is caused by a phymosis, then operational treatment is necessary. The minimum intervention - a longitudinal section of a prepuce is carried out to an acute phase of an inflammation, and after subsiding of sharpness of process the prepuce is exposed to circular excision (trimming operation).

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Balanoposthitis:

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    Гексикон® gel

    Antiseptic and disinfectants.

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