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Balanitis — an inflammation of skin of a balanus. There is an inflammation of skin of a balanus and an internal leaf of a prepuce more often — a balanoposthitis.

Balanitis symptoms:

Symptoms: hypostasis and reddening of a prepuce, erosion and purulent discharges, inflammation of inguinal lymph nodes. The heaviest complication — penis gangrene. A balanoposthitis (balanitis) in the development there pass several stages according to which distinguish a simple, erosive and gangrenous balanoposthitis.

Penis with characteristic visual signs of a balanitis.
At a simple balanoposthitis the hyperemia (reddening), puffiness and maceration of skin of a balanus and an internal leaf of a prepuce is observed. At the further course of process against the background of a hyperemia and hypostasis the superficial erosion of different forms and the sizes isolated and merging with each other form. Erosion are covered purulent separated, on the periphery are surrounded with scraps of a matserirovanny epithelium. Patients are disturbed by easy burning and an itch.
At an erosive balanoposthitis there is a formation of the white bulked-up sites of a devitalized epithelium. Then the large sharply delimited bright red superficial erosion with a maceration rim on the periphery form. Process often is followed by a painful regional lymphangitis and ostrovospalitelny lymphadenitis of regional inguinal lymph nodes.
After treatment of a simple and erosive balanoposthitis of hems does not remain, but inflammatory process can be complicated by development of a phymosis.
The erosive balanoposthitis if not to treat it, can pass into the following stage — a gangrenous balanoposthitis which is characterized by fervescence, an indisposition, the general weakness. Against the background of sharp hypostasis and a hyperemia of a head and a prepuce there are deep painful is purulent - necrotic ulcers of different size. As a rule, the ostrovospalitelny phymosis develops. Such complication as perforation of a prepuce is also possible. Ulcers heal slowly with formation on their place of hems.

Balanitis reasons:

Can develop as a complication infectious (gonorrhoeas, trichomoniasis, candidiasis, herpes, syphilis) or noninfectious (a diabetes mellitus, psoriasis, etc.) diseases.

Treatment of the Balanitis:

Treatment: trays with antiseptic solutions. In hard cases — antibiotics. Much less often operational treatment — circumcision is necessary.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Balanitis:

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