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Akantokheylonematoz (acantocheilonematosis, acanthocheilonemiasis) - the helminthosis from group of filariases caused by Dipetalonema (Acanthocheilonema) perstans, proceeding with the allergic phenomena and which is characterized by abdominal pains and breasts, dizzinesses, a skin itch.

Akantokheylonematoz meets in the countries of Africa and South America.

Akantokheylonematoz's symptoms:

In clinical manifestations the leading role is played by skin and joint allergic syndromes. The skin itch is expressed, erythematic or spotty and papular rashes, lymphadenitis, a joint pain, in heart are characteristic. Face edemas, extremities, scrotums are sometimes noted. There are also fever attacks, extremity pain, in heart, a stomach, dizziness. Development of an encephalomeningitis is possible. In these cases in tserebrospikalny liquid find microfilarias. In blood the moderate or considerable eosinophilia comes to light. The described symptomatology, however, is inherent only to not immune persons. At locals clinical manifestations are absent more often or are expressed slightly. At the same time at aboriginals in the centers also elephantiasis, caused by this invasion is observed to a gidrotsela.

Akantokheylonematoz's reasons:

Two activators of an acanthocheilonemiasis Dipetalonema perstans and D. streptocerca are described. The centers of a filariasis of the caused D. perstans, are available preferential in the countries of the Western Africa where the prevalence of the population reaches 50-90%, and some countries of Latin America (Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina). D. streptocerca meets in the wet regions of Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zaire.

The male has length of 40-45 mm, width of 0,06-0,08 mm; a female - 70-80 mm, width of 0,12-0,14 mm.

Adult individuals of D. perstans live in a mesentery, pararenal and retroperitoneal cellulose, in a pericardium, a pleural cavity, adult individuals of D. streptocerca - in skin. There is their maturing.

Larva (microfilarias) of D. perstans, given rise by adult helminths, parasitize in peripheral blood, frequency have no. Microfilarias of D. streptocerca live in skin.

Source of an invasion of D. perstans is the person, the final owner; a source of an invasion of D. streptocerca - monkeys, the person extremely seldom.

Carrier of the activator and the intermediate owner - sort Culicoides wood lice. Microfilarias, got at a krovososaniye to an organism of an insect, get an invasive form in 7-10 days.

Akantokheylonematoz's treatment:

Causal treatment of an akantokheylonematoz is carried out ditraziny, effective in the relation not only a microfilaria, but also other forms of development of helminth. Purpose of the desensibilizing drugs is obligatory, at the expressed allergic reactions - corticosteroids. At development of an elefantiaz the bandage is shown.

The forecast favorable on condition of an exception of repeated infections and persistent treatment.

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