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Mansonelliasis (mansonellosis) - the filariasis which is characterized by allergic reactions, a high-quality current.
The mansonelliasis is widespread in Central and South America, and also in a number of Caribbean countries.

Mansonelliasis symptoms:

Many specialists consider this helminth nonpathogenic, however infection is followed by it a headache, an arthralgia, fever, symptoms of damage of lungs, increase in lymph nodes, a hepatomegalia, an itch, an eosinophilia.

Mansonelliasis reasons:

The activator - Mansonella ozzardi. Adult parasites at the person are found seldom. Microfilarias live in blood, the day-night rhythm of an exit in peripheral vessels is absent.

The sizes of a female - 73×0,3 mm, a male - 32 mm, a microfilaria - 173-240×4-5 micron. Microfilarias without cap. Puberal filarias are localized under a serous cover of a peritoneum, in a mesentery, in perigastriums.

Treatment of the Mansonelliasis:

Effective antiparasitic remedies it is not found yet. There is the only message on efficiency of ivermectin.

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