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Leffler's syndrome


Leffler's (Loffler syndromus) syndrome — a syndrome of pulmonary infiltration with an eosinophilia - is observed preferential at the children having allergic skin diseases (urticaria, eczema) and also at helminthoses, an amebiasis or hypersensitivity to medicines (antibiotics, streptocides), vegetable allergens (pollen of flowers, etc.).

Symptoms of the Syndrome of Leffler:

On skin there are blisters, a Quincke's disease, spotty and papular rashes are more rare.
The syndrome is followed by frustration of the general condition of the patient: body temperature increases, the indisposition, cough, short wind, attacks of bronchial asthma are noted, arthralgias  and  a hyperadenosis are possible.
In  blood  and a phlegm the expressed eosinophilia is noted (to 70%).

Reasons of the Syndrome of Leffler:

Development of a syndrome, apparently, is caused by a hyper sensitization of vascular system to various allergens. Shock body at the same time are capillaries and small blood vessels which increase in permeability leads to formation of the tranzitorny pulmonary eosinophilic infiltrates (multiple or single) the migrating character revealed on roentgenograms.

Treatment of the Syndrome of Leffler:

Appoint the antiallergenic, desensibilizing treatment. Prednisolonum on 20 — 25 mg a day, further, is gradually reduced by doses. Can appoint also other corticosteroids (dexamethasone, Triamcinolonum), пипольфеп, Suprastinum, Dimedrol, high doses of calcium.
  Glucocorticoids are not appointed early as they disturb at statement of the correct diagnosis.
  In case of helminthoses deworming of an organism of the patient is carried out. If there are displays of asthma, then accept an Euphyllinum inside, b-adrenostimulyatory in inhalations. The forecast is favorable.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Syndrome of Leffler:

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