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In certain cases in introduction attempt, for example, of a tampon or a penis, the woman has a strong spasm of a muscular wall of a vagina. In such situation it is about such pathology as a vaginismus.  This involuntary reduction of muscles can cause slight discomfort, and in other cases, even sharp pain.
The vaginismus can prevent normal life activity, complicates the sexual relations or carrying out gynecologic survey in an office of the doctor.

Vaginismus reasons:

The vaginismus reasons are up to the end not studied. As a rule, the vaginismus is caused by the alarm and fear connected with sex. But it is not clear whether the alarm is the reason or a consequence of a disease.
The vaginismus sometimes is associated with the anamnesis of sexual violence.
Speak about primary vaginismus in the presence of pathology throughout all life. The secondary vaginismus develops after the period of normal functioning.

Болевой синдром при вагинизме

Pain syndrome at a vaginismus

Vaginismus symptoms:

Painful sex often is the first sign that at the woman the vaginismus is observed. Pain arises only at penetration. It is, as a rule, stopped after a penis exit from a vagina, however it occurs not always.

Many women who have a vaginismus also feel discomfort  at installation of tampons, during gynecologic survey.

Other morbid conditions, including infections, can cause painful sexual intercourse also. Therefore it is very important to see a doctor to define the pain reason during sex.
The vaginismus can be the general that means development of pathology in all situations with any object. The vaginismus can be also "situational". It means that episodes of a vaginismus can be observed, for example, at sexual intercourse, and are absent at introduction of a tampon or at gynecologic survey.




Treatment of a vaginismus includes special exercises for the purpose of "progressive desensitization". These exercises help women to learn to control and relax the muscles of a pelvic bottom located around vaginas. Exercises can be done in house conditions. When they practice regularly, the effect occurs within several weeks or months.

Kegel's exercises are for this purpose developed. Kegel's exercises include compression of muscles. This exercise is carried out also as if you try to stop an urine flow at an urination.

For performance of exercise of Kegel, perform the following operations:
- reduce the specified muscles;
- hold such situation within two seconds;
- then relax muscles.

Carry out about 20 reductions for once. You can make them so many once a day how many you will be able.
Women about a vaginismus can facilitate pathology symptoms to reduce fear and concern about sex or sexual function.

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