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Extrauterine pregnancy

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Extrauterine pregnancy — a pregnancy complication when the attachment of an oospore occurs out of a cavity of the uterus. With rare exception, the extrauterine pregnancy is impractical and quite often hazardous to health of mother because of internal bleeding. The extrauterine pregnancy is carried to the states demanding emergency medical service as without treatment it can lead to death.

Варианты внематочной беременности

Options of an extrauterine pregnancy

Symptoms of the Extrauterine pregnancy:

At the earliest stages the extrauterine pregnancy on a current does not differ from uterine and can be followed by nausea, drowsiness, the increased appetite, increase and morbidity of mammary glands. Adverse symptoms usually appear in terms from 5 to 8 weeks from the date of the last periods. Treat them:

    * Pain. It can be aching, skhvatkoobrazny or cutting. There is pain in the bottom of a stomach on one party, and at a blood izlitiya in an abdominal cavity can give to an anus, an anticardium and shoulders. The urination and bowel emptying can also be painful.
    * Bleeding. In spite of the fact that at an extrauterine pregnancy bleeding comes from the damaged vessels in an abdominal cavity, often at the same time there is also uterine bleeding in connection with falling of level of progesterone. Bleeding can remind periods, but in most cases bloody allocations happen scanty and continue is long. Plentiful uterine bleeding meets extremely seldom.
    * Shock. At big blood loss the loss of consciousness, pallor of skin, falling of arterial pressure, a frequent low pulse can be observed.

Clinic of pipe pregnancy.
    * The progressing pipe pregnancy — an oosperm in process of growth is implemented into a muscular wall of a pipe and destroys it.
    * Pipe abortion - full or partial amotio of an embryo from a wall of a uterine tube and an ovum exit in an abdominal cavity.
    * The clinical picture of pipe abortion depends on intensity of bleeding.
    * The rupture of a uterine tube — as a rule, arises from 6 to 10 week of pregnancy.

Reasons of the Extrauterine pregnancy:

At normal pregnancy fertilization of an ovum a spermatozoon occurs in a uterine tube from where the zygote comes to a cavity of the uterus where there is enough place for development of fetal egg. At an extrauterine pregnancy the zygote does not reach a cavity of the uterus and takes root in a pipe, or is pushed out from a pipe in the opposite direction and attached in an ovary or on a surrounding peritoneum. As out of a uterus there are no normal conditions for development of an embryo, vorsina of chorion are implemented into fabric of body and damage it, causing bleeding in an abdominal cavity.
In 30-50% of cases of an extrauterine pregnancy of the reason remain unknown.

Carry to risk factors:

    * Surgical interventions in an abdominal cavity.
    * Contraception. See also antigestagena and a gestagena for an emergency contraception
    * Hormonal failure or hormonal insufficiency.
    * Inflammatory diseases and infections of female generative organs.
    * Disturbance of transport function in uterine tubes.
    * Tumors of a uterus and its appendages.
    * Anomalies of development of generative organs.

Treatment of the Extrauterine pregnancy:

    * Surgical. Resort to operation in all cases of medical emergency with symptoms of internal bleeding. In most cases perform laparoscopic operation at which delete only fetal egg or a uterine tube at its gap.
    * Chemotherapy. Treatment by a methotrexate effectively on early durations of gestation; it leads to the termination of development and a rassasyvaniye of fetal egg.

Операция по поводу внематочной беременности

Operation for an extrauterine pregnancy

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Extrauterine pregnancy:

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