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Malyabsorbation syndrome


Sprue - disturbance of digestion and absorption in a small bowel. The sprue can be primary (the inherited defects of enzymes) and secondary (the acquired fermentopatiya).

Sprue symptoms:

The Klnichesky picture of a syndrome of a malyabsortion is caused by a basic disease. The sprue at an intestinal form of a mucoviscidosis develops owing to insufficiency of vneshnesekretorny function of a pancreas. An insufficient increase of body weight, despite adequate feeding, increase in a stomach, a plentiful kashitseobrazny chair with an unpleasant smell, high content of the neutral not split fat, sometimes locks are characteristic.
Manifestation of an inborn hypoplasia of a pancreas occurs in the first days or weeks of life. Clinical manifestations amplify at transfer of the child into artificial feeding. The chair is frequent, liquid, plentiful, with an unpleasant smell and a greasy luster. Gradually the hypotrophy develops; increase in a stomach is characteristic.
Insufficiency of lactase is shown by intolerance of the maternal and cow's milk rich with lactose. Primary (inborn) lactose intolerance - the caused reduction of a lactase activity (SR) is hereditary. The secondary lactose intolerance can arise at the diseases which are followed by damage of a mucous membrane of intestines (diarrhea, a lambliasis, an intestines resection, etc.). When feeding by milk the child has a vomiting, intestinal gripes, a meteorism, persistent diarrhea, the hypotrophy develops. Excrements are watery, foamy, with acid reaction.
Secondary forms of malabsorption develop most often at acute intestinal infections (in children of the first 4-6 months of life they are usually caused by opportunistic pathogenic bacteriums or rotaviruses). More rare reasons of a secondary sprue - a resection of a stomach or intestines, a disease of a liver, a pancreas, small or large intestine, etc.

Sprue reasons:

The syndrome of a malyabsorbiya meets at a mucoviscidosis, an inborn hypoplasia of a pancreas, insufficiency of lactase.

Treatment of the Sprue:

At a mucoviscidosis it is necessary to limit amount of fat in food. Appoint the enzymatic drugs, means liquefying secrets of excretory glands (for example, Acetylcysteinum). Normalization of intestinal microflora [lactobacilli acidophilic (for example, лактобактерин), bifidobacteria (bifidumbacterium) is necessary.
At an inborn hypoplasia of a pancreas it is necessary to limit fats in a diet of the child and to appoint replacement therapy pancreas enzymes.
At insufficiency of lactase the exception of milk and transition to delactosed mixes is recommended, in mild cases sometimes it is enough to transfer the child to acidified milk formulas.
At secondary forms of malabsorption treatment of a basic disease is necessary. As replacement therapy appoint fermental drugs.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Sprue:

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