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Digestive tract diseases


Diseases of the digestive system are the most widespread of all diseases of internals today. "Area of responsibility" gastroenterologies are a treatment of diseases of a gullet, stomach, pancreas, intestines, gall bladder and liver.

Symptoms of Diseases of digestive tract:

Pains, dispepsichesky frustration (nausea, vomiting, an eructation, heartburn, appetite disturbance, feeling of unpleasant taste in a mouth, a chair delay, a frequent liquid chair, a meteorism), jaundice.

Reasons of Diseases of digestive tract:

The modern rhythm of life, constant stresses, improper feeding, adverse ecological situation — all this affects our organism including on digestive tract. Every year the number of patients with chronic gastroenterological diseases grows. Quite often self-treatment which only aggravates the course of a disease is a consequence of transition of a disease to a chronic form, bringing only temporary improvement of a condition of the patient.

Treatment of Diseases of digestive tract:

Duspatalin (a mebeverina a hydrochloride), productions of the Solvay Pharma company, is registered in 74 countries of the world and for nearly forty years is widely used for a symptomatic treatment of functional diseases of intestines and bilious ways. Annually this drug is appointed, on average, 6,5 million patients a year around the world. Since the moment of emergence of drug, there were no messages on one serious side effect. Duspatalin — drug No. 1 in the world for treatment of a syndrome of the angry intestines. For today it is the only spasmolysant of the prolonged action providing effective influence at diseases of a large intestine.
Anticholinergics and myotropic spasmolysants of various classes in medicine, in particular in gastroenterology, are applied for a long time. Another thing is that the circle of indications of some of them, first of all M-holinoblokatorov, was sharply narrowed. It is connected as with emergence of a large amount of side effects, and with the fact that the medicines surpassing them in efficiency, with the same range of indications to use, characterized by the smaller number of side reactions were synthesized. First of all, it is about myotropic spasmolysants.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Diseases of digestive tract:

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