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Coloenteritis (from other - Greek  — a gut and colitis) — a simultaneous inflammation of thin and thick guts. One of the most often found diseases of system of digestion which leads to atrophic changes of a mucous membrane and disturbance of functions of intestines.

Depending on localization distinguish a coloenteritis with preferential damage of a small and large intestine. The disease is long.

Coloenteritis symptoms:

At preferential damage of a small intestine patients complain of frustration of a chair, frequent ponosa, dull aches in paraumbilical area, a raspiraniye in a stomach after food, nausea, a meteorism, lack of appetite. At preferential damage of a large intestine the aching pains are localized in side departments of intestines, a ponosa and locks of identical frequency.

Coloenteritis reasons:

It intestinal infections, disturbance of food, abuse of spicy food, alcohol, intoxication production and medicinal, the long use of antibiotics, food allergy, radiation defeats, intestinal helminthoses are the reasons.

Treatment of the Coloenteritis:

Treatment is complex. Food with the increased content of proteins and restriction of carbohydrates is of great importance. At aggravations appoint antibiotics, enzymes.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Coloenteritis:

  • Препарат Сульгин Авексима.

    Aveksim's sulfaguanidine

    Antimicrobic means, streptocide.

    JSC Aveksima Russia



    Anti-diarrheal microbic drugs.

    CIAO Biofarm Ukraine

  • Препарат Рекутан.


    Dermatological drugs.

    Arterium (Arterium) Ukraine

  • Препарат Диалакт.


    Anti-diarrheal microbic drugs.

    Dialek Unitary Enterprise Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Амоксициллин.


    The antibiotic combined (penicillin semi-synthetic).

    JSC Biokhimik Republic of Mordovia


  • Препарат Альтан.


    The means influencing the alimentary system and metabolic processes.

    HFZ CJSC NPTs Borshchagovsky Ukraina

  • Препарат Солизим форте таб. №20.

    Solizim forte таб. No.

    The means influencing the alimentary system and metabolic processes.

    CJSC Lekhim-Kharkiv Ukraine

  • Препарат Пробифор®.



    CJSC Partner Russia

  • Препарат Лекор.


    Antimicrobic means for system use.

    JV LLC Sperko Ukraina Ukraine

  • Препарат Амосин.


    Antibiotic of group of penicillin.

    JSC Sintez Russia

  • Препарат Абомин®.


    Digestive fermental means.

    JSC Moskhimfarmpreparaty of N. A. Semashko" Russia

  • Препарат Глиоксаль композитум.

    Glyoxal compositum

    Complex homeopathic medicine.

    Biologische Heilmittel Heel GmbH (Biologishe Haylmittel Heel Gmbh) Germany

  • Препарат Вицеф®.


    Antimicrobic means for system use. Beta лактамные antibiotics. Generation cephalosporins III.

    LLC ABOLMED Russia

  • Препарат Лекор суспензия.

    Lekor suspension

    Antidiarrheal means.

    JV LLC Sperko Ukraina Ukraine

  • Препарат Экобол.


    Antibiotic of group of penicillin.

    JSC AVVA RUS Russia


  • Препарат Триглобулин - Биофарма.

    Triglobulin - Biofarm

    Specific immunoglobulins. Combinations.

    CIAO Biofarm Ukraine

  • Препарат Алоэ экстракт жидкий.

    Aloe extract liquid


    JSC Borisovsky Plant of Medical Supplies Republic of Belarus

  • Препарат Ванкорус.


    Antibiotic of group of glycopeptides.

    JSC Sintez Russia

  • Препарат Фталазол, табл 0,5г № 10.

    Ftalazolum, table 0,5g No.

    The means which are applied at intestinal infections.

    JSC Krasnaya zvezda Ukraine

  • Препарат Бесалол табл.N6.

    Besalolum of tab. N

    Spasmolytic and anticholinergics.

    LLC Pharmaceutical Company Zdorovye Ukraine

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