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Gee's disease


The Gee's disease is caused by intolerance of protein of breadstuff – gluten. It is a syndrome of the broken absorption which is observed at early children's age.

Gee's disease reasons:

The disease is described for the first time in 1888 by Dzhy. In 1950 the factor causing a Gee's disease was established is a proteinaceous gluten (gluten) of wheat, rice, oats, barley. The exception of these substances leads to disappearance of symptoms of a disease. Frequency of a disease 1:300 – 1:2000, is one of the frequent forms of an anabsorbtsionny syndrome testifying in favor of family and genetic predisposition of a disease.

Патогенетические основы при целиакии

Pathogenetic bases at a Gee's disease

Gee's disease symptoms:

The disease is shown at the end of the 1st year and on 2-4 year of life that is connected with introduction of the food containing gluten (cookies, crackers, bread, porridges, etc.). There is a diarrhea which will not respond to treatment a usual diet, infections join. A diarrhea from several excrements a day (kashitseobrazny. Gray and fat, fetid) – to an aggravation (frequent, watery). Intoxication is observed. Alternation of ponos with locks is possible. The phenomena of an iron deficiency anemia or rickets are in certain cases noted, and lag in physical development, sometimes is not present decrease in body weight. At a typiform the hypotrophy, hypotonia of muscles progresses, there is a big pendulous belly that is caused by plentiful contents of intestines. Often anorexia, a cissa takes place, children are whimsical, irritable, closed. Afterwards at these children development of anemia, hypovitaminoses, rickets with osteoporosis is observed, easily there come fractures of bones. If the disease is not diagnosed and not treated, symptoms progress, and children become the victims of consecutive infections. The disease can sometimes gain atypical character of a current.


Diagnosis is based on clinic, identification of an iron deficiency anemia, hypocalcemia, the increased removal of fats with excrements, decreases in lipids and cholesterol of blood.

Изменение кишечного эпителия при целиакии

Change of an intestinal epithelium at a Gee's disease

Treatment of the Gee's disease:

Treatment of a Gee's disease is effective when using a bezglyutenovy diet (an exception of a diet of wheat, rye, oats, barley), restriction of fats and carbohydrates (lactose). Not containing gluten buckwheat, corn, dairy products, mixes (except "Kid" with porridge), soy, potatoes. The effect is available: within 1-2 weeks the child becomes quieter, the muscle tone, a physical activity improves. However normalization of a chair requires several months of a dietotherapy. Children begin to put on weight, adequately develop. Within 1-2 months appoint iron preparations, folic acid, D. Bezglyutenovaya's vitamin a diet is kept throughout all life. The forecast at observance of a diet – favorable.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Gee's disease:

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